Persona 5: When Is the Game Coming Out and Will Fans in Different Regions Have to Wait Longer?

We don’t yet know when “Persona 5” is going to be released to the market, and while there have been various rumors about that, we’re yet to see an actual official confirmation. It was supposed to come out before the end of 2015, according to previous reports, but we have no idea if that’s still valid or not. It’s worth noting that those claims were made by people directly related to the project, so they weren’t just random rumors floating around the Internet.

That was back in June though, so hopefully the idea that the game will come out in 2015 is still valid. Something else that was promised back then was that the game would be simultaneously released in Europe in North America, putting an end to some speculation that fans in some regions would have to wait longer to get their hands on it.

From what we’re currently hearing, the studio is trying to give the game as much polish as possible before they talk about it in an official capacity, and they’re trying to make a solid impression once they come out with details such as the official release date.

They’re apparently particularly worried about making an announcement that they can’t live up to, having learned from previous mistakes that have affected the reputations of certain titles significantly. European gamers in particular tend to not take very kindly to the idea of having to wait longer than they’ve been promised, and so the studio is playing it very carefully right now, trying not to commit to any specific release schedule prematurely.

We did already get an official gameplay trailer that showcased some of the new changes to the title, and this was enough to get some fans very excited and send them into a state of serious anticipation for the game. The original style that made “Persona” such a popular and well-liked franchise is going to be preserved, while the game is also going to introduce various new gameplay features that should enrich the experience and make it even more exciting, both for newcomers as well as those who’ve been with the franchise from the very first installment.

We don’t know much about the story so far, other than that it will follow several students with their own special secrets and unique personalities – or “personas” – and it will likely be a bit more open-ended. What this means is that players might have a greater control over how the story progresses, probably even having multiple choices for the outcomes of certain events. That’s something that the community has been very excited for, and players have already been discussing the possible directions which the game might take with its plot.

This will reflect on the gameplay too, according to what we’ve heard from the developers themselves. We don’t know the exact details of how this will be implemented, but apparently the idea is to give players the sense of freedom as well, and let them taste it for themselves instead of just presenting it as an experience from the sides.

Persona 5

It’s going to be an exciting launch for sure, especially for those who have been following the progress of the game since the day it was announced. We expect to see it covered by various media outlets, so it will likely be a very interesting few months for fans of the franchise as well as new players looking for something different and exciting.

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