‘Person of Interest’ Season 5 Promises a Thrilling and Proper Conclusion, Say Showrunners

Without really saying it directly, CBS has almost confirmed that Season 5 of the American science-fiction thriller drama TV series “Person of Interest” is going to be the final season of the show.

But instead of getting disappointed with the decision, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman expressed elation with the position of the network on the show.

Season 5 of “Person of Interest” will return to the small screen and premiere on CBS on May 3, or a little over a month from now. It will air its Season 5 finale, which is to be its series finale as well, on June 21.

In a recent statement, Nolan and Plageman said that they were extremely excited to be able to share the final season with the fans. They added that they are eternally grateful to their amazing cast and crew as well as their partners at the studio and the network.

They added that they also want to thank the loyal show fans most of all and described them as the best fans in the world.

Nolan and Plageman remarked that the subversive little paranoia-inducing cyberpunk-thriller is for the fans and would not have been possible without their support.

A show that is used to a series finale

Actor Michael Emerson, who plays Harold Finch in the TV series, also confirms that the show will end after Season 5 but they are always open to a possible renewal after should the network sees it fit.

The cast and crew were also one in explaining that as life has come to imitate “Person of Interest,” it has been a great privilege on all their parts to work on the show for the past five seasons, promising them to experience a thrilling final chapter, cites Variety.

Co-creator Greg Plageman also explained that “Person of Interest” has always been a show where every season finale felt like it could have been a series finale, notes the Parent Herald.

Emerson said that “Person of Interest” Season 5 will have a more finale feeling but the show will also leave room for new storylines in case it gets renewed for another season.

The actor explained that the writers are going to leave it a little bit ambiguous because they initially don’t have any idea whether Season 5 is going to be the end or not of “Person of Interest.”

Emerson also shared that he was open to the possibility of seeing “Person of Interest” in another form such as a mini-season or a recurring movie on TV.

No truth to cancellation rumors

One thing is certain at this point. Despite rumors that the show has already been cancelled for Season 5, those speculations seem to be baseless. It is obvious that there will be a Season 5 of “Person of Interest.”

In addition to the filming for the series up to late last year, CBS president Glenn Geller also said that “Person of Interest” Season 5 will debut this coming spring amid months of delay. There are also reports that the fifth season of the once very popular TV series shall only have 13 episodes, which was its lowest number in the course of five seasons. “Person of Interest” was averaging 22 episodes during its first four seasons.

It seems clear that Season 5 will be the final season for “Person of Interest” although CBS has yet to confirm that until this time.

As if to validate that the upcoming fifth season is to be the show’s last, writers of “Person of Interest” recently posted an enigmatic message on Twitter, alluding that Season 5 may indeed serve as the finale of the series. The post was accompanied by a group photo of the cast and crew of the show with a caption #theend.

Person of Interest

It is clear from the tweet that even without the confirmation from CBS, “Person of Interest” will finally come to its end after the 13th episode of Season 5.

The leaked title of the 13th episode of Season 5 of “Person of Interest” is titled as “Return 0,” prompting fans to theorize that it is a sign that the show is no longer coming back for another season.

All of the titles of the 13 episodes of Season 5 of the TV series have already been leaked to the internet a few weeks ago, which only heightened fan excitement on the upcoming fifth season as well as made some sad because it is going to be the show’s final year.

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  1. I can’t wait…So sad it won’t go past this season but we do need closure of it all. LOVE PERSON OF INTEREST.

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