‘Penny Dreadful’ Season 4 Being Pushed by Fans Amid Cancellation; Pitches Revival of the Show to CBS and Netflix!

Fans of the British-American horror drama TV series “Penny Dreadful” have already made up their minds that they do not believe what executive producer John Logan said about the ending of their favorite show after its Season 3 finale last month.

Logan has been saying in interviews that the ending of “Penny Dreadful” was already planned as early as Season 2 and that he was really determined to end the series after only three seasons.

With the way the ninth and final episode of Season 3 of “Penny Dreadful” was abruptly ended on Showtime, fans and loyal viewers of the TV series just could not believe that it was thought out to end that way.

There are only two theories that come to their minds. The first one is that Logan may have moved on to another project while the second one has something to do with the show’s disappointing ratings.

The bet is that the reason why “Penny Dreadful” was abruptly ended after Season 3 is because the show was not bringing in the ratings it once enjoyed during its first season.

Initiating online petitions

Greatly feeling that they have been shortchanged by John Logan and the Showtime network for agreeing on the abrupt ending of “Penny Dreadful,” fans of the TV series have initiated two online petitions recently.

The petitions at Change.org seek to call the attention of CBS and streaming service Netflix to consider rescuing the show from cancellation and approve it for a Season 4.

However, the petitions do not seem to have a solid footing at this point since Vanessa Ives, the series female protagonist of “Penny Dreadful,” played by Eva Green, already sacrificed herself during the Season 3 finale, reports the Parent Herald.

She apparently chose to die for the betterment of the earth as her death meant that the hold of Christian Camargo’s Dracula on her is removed and she surrenders her soul to God.

Vanessa requested Ethan Chandler, played by Josh Hartnett to pull the trigger on her and end her miseries. Ethan did.

Fans and critics believe that there are still a lot of plotlines and characters that have not been given enough storylines to end “Penny Dreadful” after the Season 3 finale.

The first petition called the attention of Netflix to buy the show. According to the petition, since Netflix has been known to create a unique and high-quality show, it is just natural that the streaming service also looks into the potential of “Penny Dreadful.”

The second petition, on the other hand, is addressed to CBS and John Logan asking them to continue “Penny Dreadful” with a fourth season because fans want a proper ending for the show even if it means just a fourth and final season.

Both Netflix and CBS have yet to comment or make an official statement or announcement regarding the petitions at Change.org.

The two villains of Season 3

Right from the start of “Penny Dreadful,” fans have already learned that Vanessa Ives is a young woman who is being tortured by demons both inside and outside.

But in Season 3, there were actually two villains in “Penny Dreadful,” which was revealed through flashbacks of Vanessa’s time in the asylum, reports The Guardian of the University of San Diego, California.

The TV series broke away from Bram Stoker’s Dracula character when Christian Camargo’s Dracula devised an elaborate and grander plan for Vanessa more than the character did for Mina in the book version.

penny dreadful

Dracula wants Vanessa to become his bride and bring about the era of the Night Creatures or the vampires which would pave the way for the end of the world and serve Vanessa, whom they call as The Mother of All Evil.

The other villain is, of course, Lucifer who was more direct and coercive in his attempts to gain Vanessa which started back in Season 2.

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