Orphan Black Season 3 Filming Begins, Fans to Miss Sarah, Ari Millen Getting Lead Role!

When exactly the Orphan Black season 3 is releasing is not yet perfectly known by anyone, even not by the actors themselves as they were recently heard claiming no information is available with them too when next instalment of the series will be premiered.

BBC has tried to dig some hidden information. It says the science fiction television series is to come next year in the spring. The filming has already started and stars are back to work. However, the network failed to reveal the exact date when Orphan Black season 3 will hit the TV sets.

Press release from BBC America says the third season of Orphan Black will clone sisterhood and that too in an unexpected territory where the characters will discover they are not alone. The clones are more vulnerable in the new season than the enemies seen every before. They are supremely trained soldiers.

Apart from all these information one important rumor has surfaced the web too. It says the clone of Sarah, named as Rachel, will not be returning back in the next season. Obviously it was hinted several times before and she was seen wrapping up her final appearance in last season. In Orphan Black season 2 Sarah was seen stabbing Rachel in eyes with pencil. So, Rachel is suffering an injury. If her name is missing from the list, it means an evil clone has left for some good purpose to be seen in the upcoming season. To know perfectly what will happen with Rachel, fans need to wait for season 3 to hit the televisions.

Some other questions too will be answered when the series returns back next year such as why the clones are in the storyline and who has created the clones.

However, it is also hinted the clones are made for military purposes and this season Tatiana Maslany may be facing bigger antagonist than before.

Orphan Black Season 3 Images

BBC America further added in the press statement that Ari Millen will be seen in the lead role. He will also be seen as a clone, which was of course revealed in last season. As a clone he will be named as Project Castor. More to this, Dylan Bruce too is returning and his name will be Paul. In season 2 he was mostly absent.

The other actors to be seen in Orphan Black season 3 include Jordan Gavaris, Zoe De Grand Maison, Michiel Huisman, Kevin Hanchard, Evelyne Brochu and Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Evelyne will be Delphine’s girlfriend and to come as Cosima. Jordan will be named as Felix, Maria as Mrs. S and Kevin as Art.

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