Orange Is the New Black Season 4 Release Date, Rumors And Speculation!

If you have ever watched an entire season of your favorite television show on Netflix, then you know how more enjoyable it is to not have to deal with commercials. One of the most annoying things is the commercials and how they take away from good programming. Back in the day, you could get a full 55 minutes of television for each hour, while today, that number has fallen to about 42 minutes. More than 10 minutes of additional commercial or promotional time per hour and loyal fans are sick of it.

That has led companies like Netflix down the path of creating their own television shows, like Orange Is the New Black. This american comedy series was showcased on Netflix only back in 2013 and it got help from Tilted Productions and Lionsgate Television. The show is based on a book about a woman that spends an entire year in a woman’s prison. The first, second and third seasons featured thirteen episodes each and now there is a fourth on the way.

According to reports, Orange Is the New Black Season 4 is filming right now and is scheduled to be on Netflix in it entirety at some point during the month of June. All of the other seasons hit the streaming network around the same time each year. All of the episodes will be put on the network at the same time allowing you plenty of reasons to binge your way through season four.

The third season of Orange Is the New Black was a little lighter on the drama until you got to the last episode. That is when things changed a little bit for all of those that are involved in the show. One of the characters was always a little paranoid about being killed and in the last episodes, things got a little sketchy and it added just the right amount of season ending drama. The attack on this character did not really give any hints as to whether she died or was able to get free and that is where the fourth season is expected to pick up.

Orange is the New Black

One of the draws to the new show is that it has been known for killing off characters at random, but rumors and speculation point to the fact that the character is not died and will play a huge role in the fourth season. That character is looking to get out of prison and according to reports, she just might, right before the attacker strikes again. Until the moment that she walks out of the door, she is going to have to play hide and seek from the attacker, which happens to be a security guard, just to stay alive.

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