Oculus Rift Ideal for Various Sims, Says John Carmack, Microsoft Poised To Develop a Virtual Reality Headset!

There are presently two different sides of the fence when it comes to virtual reality. On one hand, people are excited regarding the inevitable launch of devices like the Oculus Rift or the Project Morpheus. On the other hand, you do not wish to wear a big, clumsy helmet on top of your head while trying to relax and enjoy some quality time and entertainment.

In the meantime, some people are also in between still figuring out as to what they really want. Meanwhile John Carmack, the renowned developer of this fabled device has come forward and shared a lot of information and personal opinion regarding the project. However, he could be biased regarding his opinion on Virtual Reality as he works for Oculus now.

Carmack presently holds the position of Oculus VR CTO and states that there are big surprises in store for any individual who is willing to try the Oculus Rift VR headset for the first time. Seeing all of your virtual experiences come to life for the first time, is certainly a religious experience that you will never wish to miss. According to the latest reports by John Carmack, Cellphone screen technology offers a wide field of view and a low latency sensor tracking for the Oculus Rift.

He declared that Oculus Rift doesn’t involve crappy technology that will turn people sick. On the other hand, we have heard a lot of news regarding how people fall ill following a session with the Oculus Rift. We earnestly hope that these issues are resolved before its official launch in the market.

John Carmack also revealed that first-person shooters won’t provide the most ideal experience on the Oculus Rift, as many might expect. Instead, he would rather prefer having the players placed into a cockpit of some machinery in order to provide the best experience and enjoyment using the Oculus Rift. For example, gamers should witness a space SIM or a driving SIM where players are in full control and witness what is happening before them.

Oculus Rift

However, this does not mean that the Oculus Rift won’t be used for the various first-person shooters. Already, there are two different first-person titles in development for the Rift. Witnessing a first-person shooter game in the Oculus Rift will provide a breathtaking experience for gamers, where the player explores a massive world, shoots their way through hordes of baddies or enters deep dungeons to grab their loot.

Facebook recently purchased the Oculus Rift for an early dominance in the virtual reality world. At the same time, Microsoft seems to be highly interested in entering the fray with their device for virtual reality dominance. The headset will work on the Xbox One console and the PC, probably running on Windows 10 itself.

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