No More Nude Photo Shoots for Angelique Boyer, Actress Moving Forward with Her Career!

Much to the disappointment of many of her male fans, Angelique Boyer has recently announced that she’ll no longer be posing nude for any photo shoots, and she plans to just focus on her acting career and nothing outside of it for the time being. Several years ago, the public got to see her naked in an edition of the magazine “H Para Hombres”, which featured a complete photo session of the actress, revealing quite a lot.

Recently however, she gave an interview in which she stated that she doesn’t plan on repeating that photo shoot in the future, and she’s focused on her main career right now. According to her, posing nude was just a fun experience for her, something she needed to get out of her system, and now that she was done with it, she had no real interest in repeating it, and didn’t see an appeal anymore.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Boyer’s fans might still get to see her in some spicy scenes in the future, as she has recently expressed interest in the main female role in the Latino adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Given the content of the book/film, it’s pretty obvious that her role isn’t going to be a timid, innocent one, and if she is indeed given the part, her fans might get to see more interesting frames featuring her.

She said that she’s particularly fond of the character of Anastasia, as she sees something from all women in her, and she would love to be the one who presents that character and gets to explore her personality on a deeper level. She went on to add that she’s generally fond of the idea of portraying “iconic” characters, so even if this doesn’t work out for her, we might still see her in some interesting roles in the future.

Not only is Boyer interested in playing the role of Anastasia, but she also stated that she already has a favorite picked out for the opposing role of Christian Grey – she would like to perform alongside her boyfriend, Sebastian Rulli. This could create a very interesting on-stage dynamic, considering the nature of the relationship between the two characters, and it could end up a very passionate production if that happens.

angelique boyer

Of course, for the time being, this seems to be wishful thinking on Boyer’s side more than anything else, so we’ll have to wait and see where that production goes. It’s entirely possible that she might get picked for the main part, but whether her boyfriend will also be given the other main role in the film, that’s a different story.

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