New Reports about GTA 6 Point to 2017 for Game’s Launch, PS4 Version Confirmed!

In yet another rumored leak from Rockstar, the release date for “GTA 6” has been revealed to be set for 2017, with the game arriving to the PlayStation 4 sometime during the year. Strangely enough, the report says nothing about other platforms – while the lack of news about the PC is self-explanatory, it’s strange that Microsoft’s console isn’t mentioned in the new leak.

Rockstar themselves have been keeping relatively quiet about the game, as they haven’t even confirmed it officially yet. According to the studio, they have lots of different ideas that they want to play with, and they don’t actually have a concrete direction for the game’s development at this point. This apparently also includes the game’s location, something that has been speculated quite actively around the Internet lately.

The latest official statement by Rockstar said that the company’s current focus is on the multiplayer component of “GTA 5”. The studio is already a bit behind their schedule with regards to what “GTA Online” should have been, as various features were implemented late and not completely, leading to player disappointment.

It’s rumored that the new “GTA 6” will also feature multiplayer, although Rockstar will have obviously learned a thing or two from the way they handled the release of “GTA 5”. Their current work on the game’s online portion is sure to give them a solid platform for developing the multiplayer of “GTA 6”. It’s true that “GTA 5” was more of an experiment in this regard, so it’s easy to forgive Rockstar for the way this release was handled.

Other rumors about the new game point towards a female protagonist, something new for the franchise. The way “GTA 5” handled the game’s protagonists clearly showed that Rockstar aren’t afraid to experiment in this regard though, so it would be nothing too strange to see a female character in the lead role for the next game. Whether she’ll be alone or accompanied by other protagonists in the style of the last game, it’s not yet known.


“GTA 6”, as far as it may be, is already shaping up to be quite interesting, and it has the potential to go down in history as a fantastic installment to an already iconic franchise. 2017 doesn’t sound too unrealistic for a possible release date, given the pace at which Rockstar like to develop their games in this series, although it may also be a bit too soon. Rockstar are definitely not a studio to rush their productions though, so if they release the game in 2017, then it’s probably safe to assume that it will be in a finished state.

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