Near-1,000-Pound Man Known as the Pakistani Hulk Eyeing a Career in WWE, Is This the Next Major Star?

There have been some interesting rumors lately concerning the possible identity of the next fighter to join the WWE. Known as “the Pakistani Hulk”, the man weighs just short of 1,000 pounds and has made quite the name for himself thanks to his weight. Despite his heavy frame though, he is apparently still in a relatively good health and doesn’t have any major issues, and he’s actually relatively strong, according to some reports.

In fact, his strength is reportedly one of his stronger sides, and is one of the reasons behind his great popularity. And now, Arbab Khizer Hayat wants to show his incredible might to the world, and he’s been trying to join the WWE. Whether or not he’ll succeed is difficult to say at the moment though, as there have been no reports that the organization might be considering his inclusion.

Hardly anyone would be surprised by the decision to include Hayat if it goes through in the end, considering the general nature of WWE. Many performers in the organization tend to have some kind of gimmick that separates them from the rest, and Hayat would fit in nicely with the crowd.

He already seems to be enjoying a lot of positive attention from all over the Internet, with many people apparently excited at the idea of seeing him in the ring, so it looks like the producers have their decision cut out for them. If they are listening to their community at all, they should give him a chance.

However, some have also been worried that Hayat might not have too much to offer other than his unusual weight in order to make him a good addition to the WWE cast. Many of the wrestlers currently performing are in a great physical shape and can demonstrate some amazing physical feats, something which tends to be very important for someone performing as a wrestler.

It’s doubtful how much of that Hayat would be able to do, leading many to doubt the idea of seeing him in the ring. In the end though, we suspect that the organization is going to go with the decision that works best for them in terms of popularity, and it’s clear right now that bringing him on board would have great results.

Hayat himself seems a bit concerned with his current weight and health status, and claims that he’s actually working with doctors on a regular basis to maintain his weight while also supplying his body with an adequate diet that can sustain his growth. Of course, it’s questionable at best just how healthy a man can be in this situation, but at least he’s under observation and isn’t going into this on his own.

It’s definitely impressive to read up about the kind of diet he follows, and it’s mind-blowing to imagine a regular person following such a regime. Hopefully this isn’t going to end badly for Hayat, as he seems to be an inspirational story for many people at the moment.

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According to some fans and critics, the most adequate move for WWE would be to give Hayat a chance in the ring at least once, and see where things go from there. It’s possible that he will actually turn out to be a fantastic performer with a lot to bring to the table, and it would be an easy decision to keep him around after that if things work out. And if not, well, at least they’ve tried.

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