NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler Being Dealt to the Boston Celtics is a Wild Idea But There is a Slim Chance of It Happening!

There have been rumors as of late saying that DeMarcus Cousins, the prolific but temperamental big man of the Sacramento Kings, as well as Chicago Bulls small forward Jimmy Butler, are both being considered for trade with the Boston Celtics, currently perched at the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference.

While the Celtics have the resources to pull the trade which would certainly add to their depth and instantly turn them into a championship squad that can rival the reigning defending champion, Cleveland Cavaliers, and perhaps give the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference a run for the money, some critics aver that there is a slim chance it may happen on or before the NBA trade deadline of February 23.

Based on a recent report by Forbes, there is only a 10% chance of the Chicago Bulls letting go of Jimmy Butler and there is even a smaller 5% possibility of the Sacramento Kings giving away its franchise player Cousins as he has reportedly been signed to a $200 million multi-year contract.

There have been rumors that went around since late last year that Jimmy Butler is available for the right price although most critics believe that it could not be possible since Butler has more than justified the five-year, $95 million deal he signed with Chicago two summers ago.

With the addition of Dwyane Wade to the Bulls this past summer, ‘Jimmy Buckets’ is now enjoying his best season to date. He is 24.9 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game on top of his usual all-NBA defense. He has also emerged as one of the league’s most consistent players in the clutch.

Even with Butler’s best efforts, the Bulls are still just one of several teams vying for one the East’s final playoff berths, with the Hornets and Pistons nipping at their heels with a 21-22 win-loss record as of January 19.

Many really believe that it is hard to see the Bulls management giving up on one of the league’s best two-way players on the heels of an offseason spending spree to build around him.

Tumultuous tenure will continue

Almost every year, the hot-headed Cousins finds his name in trade rumors. But recent reports of a maximum extension indicate that his tumultuous tenure with the Sacramento Kings will continue on.

Even if the Kings are toting a 16-24 win-loss card that is just good for 10th spot in the Western Conference, some critics are saying that it would take a king’s ransom to pry out the All-Star big man out of Sacramento.

The rumors of Cousins being made as trade bait this year has the current narrative that he may have led the Sacramento Kings in scoring and has been the team’s franchise focus, but the playoffs have eluded him and the Kings. So maybe it is time for the Kings to start exploring a trade.

One sports analyst believes that the Kings could benefit from trading Cousins to start anew. And among the prospects, the Boston Celtics is the team that could most greatly benefit receiving Cousins.

The Kings continue to believe that one of these millennia, everything’s going to work out with DeMarcus Cousins

Cousins is tough because he’s the one guy that could really thrive in the Celtics’ culture, but Danny Ainge is also very resistant to players with the kind of baggage he brings to the table, reports the Inquisitr.

Ainge has made public comments about players who are disruptive on and off the court not being worth it especially with the strong quality of character he feels they have in the locker room at the moment. Cousins could be very disruptive to the Celtics the way he was and is with the Kings.

A grand idea in theory

The prospect of Cousins or Butler or both being traded to the Celtics sounds like a grand idea in theory, but both sides have to be on the same page and have their motives out on the table.

There have been no major deals that have been swung since the Kyle Korver-to-the-Cavaliers transaction, but with just a little over a month between now and the February 23 NBA trade deadline, rumors surrounding some of the league’s top talents are beginning to pick up steam.

While there is no shortage of big names being tied to rival teams in recent weeks, the reality is that most of them will end up staying put.

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