‘Mortal Kombat X’ to be Released Soon in PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

The fighting video game “Mortal Kombat X” has been successfully released by game developer NetherRealm on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the PC in April this year.

As there are still plenty of gamers who have yet to make the transition from the current to the next generation gaming consoles, NetherRealm has decided to release the video game to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 via High Voltage Software very soon, reports Venture Capital Post.

But it has not specified an exact date as to the release of “Mortal Kombat X” on the current generation gaming consoles. The news certainly had gamers of the “Mortal Kombat” franchise on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 excited as it will give them the opportunity to get their hands on the 10th installment of the gory but very exciting fighting video game.

Second DLC pack

Indicative of how successful and highly followed by gamers “Mortal Kombat X” is, NetherRealm has already released a DLC character pack of the video game just one month after its release.

The DLC is officially called the Kombatant Pack 1 and comes with additional fighters in Jason Voorhees of the “Friday the 13th” fame, Tanya, Predator, and Tremor.

Jason and Tanya have already been released last month and it is reported that Predator would be coming very soon too to be followed by Tremor.

After Tremor is released, it is expected that NetherRealm would unveil its second character DLC pack and judging from fan and gamer clamors, popular characters from “Mortal Kombat 9” Rain and Meat will most likely be part of Kombatant Pack 2.

The speculations are further fuelled by recent teases from Ed Boon, co-creator of the “Mortal Kombat” series, indicating that Rain and Meat will indeed be coming. While Boon eventually pulled back on his teases by saying that those should be taken with a grain of salt, the potential buys that a second Kombatant Pack, worth $30, could bring to NetherRealm is too tempting to refuse.

It is also rumored that the second DLC character pack will have Rain and Meat along with Baraka and Sindel.

A widely-anticipated character

Jason Voorhees was previously one of the most widely-anticipated playable characters in “Mortal Kombat X.” While gamers have been literally begging for him since “Mortal Kombat 9,” NetherRealm announced only early this year that Jason will finally make it to “Mortal Kombat X.”

Jason is every bit as ruthless as one would expect for a mass murderer who has been killed many times over but continues to keep coming back from the dead.

Armed with his equally famous machete, the gameplay trailer showed how good Jason Voorhees is in carving his opponents into pieces. And gamers would either wince or laugh on how he does it in the game with flair.

Mortal Kombat X

Jason Voorhees officially rolled out to “Mortal Kombat X” on May 5 but it was a week later or on May 12 before gamers was able to buy him as a DLC pack. Gamers who have tried playing Freddy Krueger in “Mortal Kombat 9” sure got a kick playing his nemesis this time around in “Mortal Kombat X.”

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