‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Topples ‘Mission: Impossible 3’ as the Best Film in the 20-Year-Old Franchise

“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” still maintains the action, the suspense and the emotional stakes in the past films. But it has a new support cast in comedy actor Simon Pegg who gave the action scenes and the movie some comedic relief. There’s also the high-speed motorcycle chase or race, reminiscent of “Mission: Impossible 2.” And there’s also Ethan Hunt trying to catch the bad guy by clinging on to the side of the plane.

The official title of the movie has something to do with the plot of the film. Ethan Hunt is a man on the run on “Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation” as a highly-trained organization called the Syndicate, issued an order to liquidate him.

With the help of his own reliable team in the IMF, Ethan Hunt attempts to turn the tables on his assassins on the way to bringing down the Syndicate whatever it takes for him to do so.

In addition to Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner will be back as William Brandt and so is Vhing Rames who shall reprise his role as Luther Stickell.

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn will come into the franchise for the first time to give it the necessary light hearted and witty moments. Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson is the movie’s lead female actress. Veteran actor Alec Baldwin plays the role of the head of the CIA, that was previously played by Welsh veteran actor Anthony Hopkins.

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