‘Minecraft’ to Have a Windows 10 Beta Edition on PC, Mac, and Windows Mobile Devices on July 29

When Windows 10 officially arrives on July 29, the sandbox independent video game “Minecraft” will also have a new version suitable for the new desktop and mobile operating system. To be officially called “Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition,” it will become available to PC, Mac, and mobile devices that shall be operating on Windows 10. “Minecraft” is currently available on all gaming platforms as well as the PC, Mac, iOS and Android mobile devices.

“Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition” was announced during the first day of Minecon 2015 held on July 4 to 5 at London. The annual two-day event was attended by almost 10,000 loyal “Minecraft” gamers from about 73 countries, with some even coming from as far as New Zealand. The crowd at Minecon 2015 also made it to the Guinness World Record for being the largest audience convention for a single game in history, reports The Independent.

The “Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition” is likely to have some of the game’s Pocket Edition’s features along with some optimizations which will make it a cut above the rest. On its website, game developer Mojang lists the game’s new highlights, with the Tetris-like game going as far as seven players through local multiplayer mode or online play via Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. Switching from a controller, touch screen, and a keyboard has never been effortless with the virtual brick games’ multiple control schemes.

The user interface will instantly adjust with the player’s input method so playing the game would always be a breeze whether the user is on a mobile phone, a PC or a tablet. With its built-in Game DVR, “Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition” also allows the gameplay highlights to be recorded and shared.

Open to further developments

Taking its cue from its predecessor versions, the latest Minecraft is still open for further developments and improvements based on gamers’ feedbacks, hence the word beta. Mojang also confirmed that future updates of the game can be downloaded free of charge. Once released a few weeks from now, owners of the PC version of the game can download the latest version from the Windows 10 store at no additional cost.

When Microsoft bought Mojang a little over a year ago, they intended the game to boost sales revenues as well as enter the education sector. Recently, video-sharing channel YouTube crowned “Minecraft” as the most watched interactive title in the past decade.

“Minecraft” has indeed appealed to a lot of gamers especially children diving into the digital world. Minecraft Education Blog once stated that when the game was released in 2009, they have noticed many teachers bringing the brick-building game to school as part of their teaching aid in class, spawning many Minecraft-inspired lectures.

The game app has become a tool for generating creativity and imagination among children as they try to build bricks virtually and enter worlds with a goal to survive. As part of the game’s promotion and the desire to bring “Minecraft” into classrooms, Microsoft launched the website education.minecraft.net early this month. The website is designed to be a community forum for educators and players to share insights about the game.

Story-based mode

Meanwhile, Minecon 2015 also saw key people from Mojang and Telltale Games raising the curtain to discuss their latest collaboration – the story-based mode for “Minecraft.” Fans got very enthusiastic while representatives from the two companies started spilling the details about the newest stand-alone adventure game. They also showed a teaser trailer of the game during their presentation, much to the delight of the “Minecraft” fans and gamers.


Mojang’s Owen Hill and Lydia Winters have expressed their anticipation f0r the release of the story-based mode of “Minecraft.” They also feel proud to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Telltale, the company behind the successful “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Throne” adventure games. Mojang is confident that the latest innovations on “Minecraft” would also appeal to the video game’s loyal fans and gamers.

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