Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Rumors Are Starting to Pile Up!

Microsoft has been a load of trouble since launching the very first Surface tablet from consumers that have not really found any reason to purchase the gadget.  Just like other mobile devices in the past, Microsoft was not going to stand back and just watch the brand get left in the dust of just about anything Android or iOS powered.  With the third installment of the Surface Pro table in stores now, it is time to start thinking about the 4th version.

Some of the rumors for the next version of the tablet from Microsoft include a term that has been picking up steam by those that are using the Surface Pro series from Microsoft.  The new term is “laplet”, which is, of course a combination of laptop and tablet since the majority of users that have the Surface Pro series use it with the attachable keyboard.  The Surface Pro series can run desktop apps, as well as tablet apps, making it very user friendly and partly the reason the sales have started to climb.

Microsoft spoke up and said that the docking stating that you see on the Surface Pro 3 is going to be a feature included in upcoming versions.  The power cables and the Type Covers are also going to stay the same for now.  Because the accessories are a little more expensive for those with the tablet, it is nice to see that they will not be useless once the upgraded versions come along.  Another thing that mobile companies, not just Microsoft, are doing is releasing more than one size version of new devices.

According to one online source, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to be released in more than one size as well.  As expected, the smaller version will be called the Surface Pro Mini and it should measure around 8-inches.  This brings it closer to the other “smaller” tablets on the market from Google and Apple.  Even though there have been a few larger versions of tablets released, they never really took off, but Microsoft is hoping to change that.  The larger version of the Surface Pro 4 is expected to measure 13 to 14 inches in size.

surface pro 4

That would be much larger than the popular iPad Air from Apple and much larger than most of the other, more commonly purchased 7-inch tablets on the market.  The 13-inch size will allow Microsoft to compete with smaller laptops on the market, but the one challenge that the company faces is whether or not the tablet will be light enough to keep the “portable” status that mobile consumers expect with a tablet.

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