Microsoft Now Very Likely to Launch Surface Pro 4 in July Along with Windows 10, More Information

The launching window for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is slowly diminishing for the Redmondian company after it failed to make anything happen this month even though some reports indicated that it will unveil its laptop tablet combo in May.

Now that May is almost over, it is unlikely that Microsoft would still pull off a surprise and launch the Surface Pro 4.

It is thus very likely that Microsoft would be launching the latest iteration to its hybrid device in July, which happens to be the same month that the company will be launching its Window 10 desktop and mobile operating system.

The timing is perfect for the Surface Pro 4 since it has been reported earlier that it would most likely came out of the box with the Windows 10 already onboard. Had it launched in May or earlier, it is highly unlikely that it will have the Windows 10 on it and shall probably have the problematic Windows 8.1 onboard.

As there is no official confirmation yet from Microsoft about the possible launching date of its Surface Pro 4, these initial reports are considered as merely speculations.

The Ecumenical News actually went on to cite that should Microsoft fails to launch the Surface Pro 4 in July, then its next best unveiling date would be the start of the fourth quarter or in October.

By then however, it had to go head-to-head with the likely launching of the Apple iPad Air 3 or the rumored iPad Pro. And that means tough competition for Microsoft’s laptop tablet combo.

Still perfecting the device

There were hints that the Surface Pro 4 was simply not ready for launching this May that Microsoft decided to withhold its unveiling until it was sure that the device is almost perfect and ready for roll out to the retail markets.

There were also reports in the past that the Surface Pro 4 will officially hit the retail markets in July and when it comes out of the box, it would already have the Windows 10 on it out of the box.

Had the May launching of the Surface Pro 4 pushed through, the device would not have the Windows 10 onboard during its launching but it should likely have the latest Microsoft operating system when it hits the retail markets two months down the road or in July.

More energy-efficient

Initial reports indicate that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is more energy efficient compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, but the trade off is that it is weaker in performance than the latter.

surface pro 4

Accordingly, the Surface Pro 4 has dropped the Haswell Dual-Core i5 and i7 Intel processors in favor of the new Intel Core M Broadwell chip, which is the same processor used by the new Apple MacBook and several other ultra-slim and fan-less laptops.


  1. While the wifi only version of the Surface 3 has been released in the US market, the 4G/LTE enabled version is still pending.

    If Microsoft is holding back on the Surface Pro 4 to work on getting it as bug free as possible, I…myself…think that is a good thing. But having said that…there really isn’t any reason why Microsoft couldn’t…at least…confirm that the Surface Pro 4 exists. The company doesn’t have to go into detail, just tell us that it is real.

  2. Realllly hope that they are holding off so it would have a skylake on it when intel release it.
    Having a less powered machine then SP3 with a processor at end of his lifecicle doesnt look like a innovation and/or step forward.

    1. So glad I’m not the only one who prefers the Oct release date for Skylake over the July one for Broadwell…

  3. Now we have Surface 3 with Atom X7 as Entry level and
    Surface PRO 4 will with Core M? another Entry-Low Mid Level…. Poor choice
    Will there be Surface Elite next?

    I don’t want fanless crap, I want powerful tablet. If I want fanless I would go with Surface 3.

    Intel core M is most crappy Soc for PRO device.

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