Mia Khalifa’s Support to Maruta to Bring in More Fans to Hardcore Metal Rock Band

American-Lebanese pornstar Mia Khalifa is a fan of hardcore metal rock music. In particular, she likes the music of the Maruta grindcore band which is also based in Florida, just like she is.

Two weeks ago, she posted a photo of herself on her Instagram proudly wearing a Maruta shirt complete with the ‘I love you’ signs on both her hands which have become the signature gestures of many hardcore metal rock artists and their fans.

Metalsucks notes that the latest selfie of Mia Khalifa on her Instagram account was sure to have raised interests and eventually bring in more fans to the metal rock band, considering that the pornstar has over one million followers on Instagram.

The Maruta grindcore band was formed late in 2005 but they broke up in 2011. One year later, members of Maruta reunited and they are still very active to this day as a hardcore metal rock band, whose music genre is grindcore or brutal death metal and the lyrical themes of their songs have something to do with destruction and death.

Maruta has already release two albums via Relapse Records, titled “In Narcosis” back in 2008, and “Forward into Regression” back in 2011. The grindcore band is due to release this year its third album titled “Remain Dystopian.”

Possible connection?

Metalsucks also alluded to the possible connection between the controversial pornstar and Maruta in addition to being both based in southern Florida. Apparently, one of the band members of Maruta has a day job doing behind-the-scenes work in the porn industry.

It could be that the Maruta dude was able to work with Mia Khalifa while she was working on some porn film and they have talked about the dude’s music affiliations.

Regardless whether it was by chance or guided by intention, the fact that Mia Khalifa is a fan of Maruta would sure spill over some of her followers to appreciate the hardcore metal rock band as well, at least for those who appreciate and like hardcore rock music.

Popular porn star

Mia Khalifa is the No.1 most searched porn star in pornhub since December last year, dislodging Lisa Ann. She’s the No. 1 most popular pornstar in Lebanon, despite national controversy, and the No. 3 most popular adult film star in the whole of Asia.

In terms of global rankings, Mia is also No. 35 in the list of the most popular porn stars in the whole world. And these ratings really mean that the 21-year-old pornstar, who used to work as a waitress in a Florida diner before plunging into the porn industry, is really very popular in a worldwide scale.

mia khalifa

Maruta is obviously not as popular as Mia Khalifa is today so her social media open support to the hardcore metal rock band would surely do wonders for the popularity of the band if not later, maybe soon enough.

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