Mia Khalifa Shows Patriotism to America by Remembering 52nd Death Anniversary of JFK, More Details!

Adult film star Mia Khalifa showed her American side on November 22 when she posted on Twitter a vintage photo of former US president John F. Kennedy enjoying an ice cream on a sunny day.

Mia then captioned her tweet by saying that it is the day when Americans remember and then adding RIP JFK.

Indicative of how timely and good her tweet was, within a matter of minutes, her post has been retweeted and liked by hundreds of times by her followers on Twitter, notes the International Business Times of UK.

Kennedy is the 35th President of the US and he was shot dead on November 22, 1963 as his motorcade passed through the streets of Dallas, Texas during his campaign ahead of the 1964 presidential elections.

Khalifa is a Lebanon-born American who is the most searched porn star in Pornhub, rising to prominence after her porn debut in October last year.

Obviously, she knows her American history and her tribute to JFK actually shows that she can be patriotic if she chooses to be.

Back on Instagram

Incidentally, Mia Khalifa posted on Twitter on November 19 that she has her Instagram account back after weeks of losing it into the hands of a hacker, reports Sneak Hype.

It comes as a downer for many of her followers on the photo sharing social media site because when it was in the hands of the hacker, the account keeps on posting nude and hot pictures of the adult film star, most of which are immediately taken down by Instagram.

Now that the account is already in the hands of Mia Khalifa, her followers expect that her photos that will be posted would be much tamer now.

In order to show to her Instagram followers that she already has her account back, Mia actually posted a few pictures of herself and more would be on its way very soon.

Mia has been scientifically proven to be the hottest girl on the internet these days which is the reason why all her social media accounts are widely followed, mostly by her male fans.

No way to express sympathy

Meanwhile, one day after the coordinated militant assaults on Friday the 13th of November on Paris, France resulting to the death of 129 people and injuring of 352 more, social media site Facebook has suggested to its users to change their profile pictures by draping them with the colors of the national flag of France.

The original profile picture will not disappear if the Facebook users opt to take the suggestion of the social media site. It will just come off as a watermark that will blend with the red, white, and blue colors of the French flag.

While many of the Facebook users immediately took in the suggestion of the social media site to show their support to the people of France, it seems like adult film star Mia Khalifa does not buy the reasoning and logic behind the social media initiative.

The most searched porn star on Pornhub took to Twitter to say that people should be more sensitive about the situation. The Lebanese-American sarcastically remarked on her tweet that there is nothing that says ‘Prayers for Paris’ quite like a narcissistic selfie with a flag over it.

Facebook has yet to react on Mia Khalifa’s swipe over its initiative, but it seems unlikely that the social media site would bother to issue a response to the porn star’s opinion.

mia khalifa

Some critics believe that Mia Khalifa may have a valid observation about the situation because merely changing a profile picture by draping it with colors of the French flag won’t do any good to the victims compared to posting one’s personal sympathy via the social media site.

They aver that if Facebook users are really sincere with their support to the people of France, then they should say it because the site allows them to do that anyway.

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