Mia Khalifa Fancies Hockey Player Andre Burakovsky of the Washington Capitals, And More!

Everyone knows that Mia Khalifa has a thing for Washington teams because of her special agreement with Monumental Sports and Entertainment (MSE), the owners of the Washington teams in the NBA, the NHL, and the MLB.

Now that the NBA regular season is over and the Washington Wizards did not make it to the playoffs, her sports focus is rooting for the Washington Nationals in Major League Baseball, and the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League, which happens to be in its playoff round already.

Last month, she attended the game of the Washington Nationals against the Miami Marlins in a regular season baseball game in Miami.

Mia went to the stadium and even posted a picture of herself on her Twitter account before the start of the game saying that she is the new star pitcher for the team.

She was dressed in all-black, wearing a black undershirt that shows plenty of her cleavage, a skimpy black short, and black sneakers. She topped it off with a red Washington Nationals’ baseball cap.

Mia actually started her Twitter feed that day with a selfie featuring Sean McCauley who recently moved from the Potomac Nationals to the Washington Nationals and it appeared that it was the porn star who got starstruck by Sean McCauley instead of the other way around.

The game was held in Miami so it was the perfect time for Mia to support the Washington Nationals while they are on the road.

During the game, Khalifa tweeted that she was sitting right behind the Nationals’ dugout and if she gets a 50,000 re-tweet of her post, she will streak to the field to make SC not Top 10.

That surely had her fans excited. She made the post at 3:38 pm and more than an hour later, her tweet has been re-tweeted more than 50,000 times. Khalifa then tweeted at 4:53 PM, saying that she just left the stadium and that she will just be sticking to hockey, reports Total Pro Sports.

At least for a moment there, the Nationals enjoyed a deluge of fans on the road compared to the home team.

A Burakovsky fanatic

It seems like Mia Khalifa is still basically a football sports fan and her other sports interests are basketball, hockey, and baseball in that order.

Mia’s favorite player in the Washington Capitals’ hockey roster is no other than Andre Marcus Burakovsky.

Burakovsky is an Austrian-born Swedish professional ice hockey forward and Mia’s patronage of him is very obvious in the wall picture on her Twitter account.

The wall picture shows the very sexy Mia lying in bed, her back in front of the camera, where she is seen wearing Burakovsky’s No. 65 Washington Capitals’ hockey uniform for her upper wear while wearing a stitched and very revealing black underwear as well as a black pantyhose to go with it.

It is obvious that she fancies Burakovsky and some of her male fans are envious of the attention that the good-looking hockey player is getting from the adult film star, regarded as the most searched pornstar in Pornhub.

Getting over the cheating episode

After reports in March came out saying that singer Kehlani has cheated on her boyfriend Kyrie Irving, point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mia Khalifa has posted on Twitter giving her unsolicited advice to the NBA All-Star guard that there are still plenty of fish in the water.

mia khalifa

Apparently, the Lebanese-American adult film star is suggesting that Kyrie could eventually get over the cheating episode because he is a popular basketball player and he can easily find an immediate replacement to the “You Should Be Here” singer sooner than later.

Although she likes taking a swipe at some personalities via her social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, she did not do so in the case of infidelity reports of Kehlani on Kyrie Irving.

The cheating rumors began when the former boyfriend of Kehlani, PartyNextDoor, whose real name is Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, posted a picture on his Instagram account where he was shown holding a woman’s hand with a WOKE tattoo, just like Kehlani’s.

PartyNextDoor captioned the image, which was eventually deleted by himself after it caused a major social media uproar, by saying that after all her shenanigans, he still managed to get the R&B singer back in his bed.

While PartyNextDoor did not name names in his post, it was obvious that he was alluding to Kehlani.

For her part, Mia Khalifa posted on Twitter that everyone may think that she will be mean and rile up Kyrie Irving all the more because he was a former Duke player and she was very supportive of her hometown team from Florida State University, but she didn’t.

She just said that she thinks Kyrie will be all okay after everything else is said and done and the infidelity issue, regardless of its veracity, is not his loss but that of Kehlani.

True enough, Kehlani reportedly attempted suicide after the cheating rumors spread because she really turned out to be the bad girl on the issue.

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