Luke Hemmings Says Being Popular Has Taught Him How to Choose His Real Friends!

Luke Hemmings, lead vocalist of the Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), is not the type of person who would let his global popularity get into his head. Instead, spending much of his time in the limelight has taught him the value of choosing who his real friends are.

In a recent interview, Hemmings said that he finds his true friends where he came from. Every time he gets an opportunity, he just comes home and be with his old pals. He explained that people who are true friends just stay for the right reasons, details Movie News Guide.

Luke also admits that being away from home almost always is a big challenge for him and he also considers travelling and working most of the time to be a struggle. That is why he always tries to do things out of the regular that he has been accustomed to do since 5SOS became immensely popular globally.

He has since been opening his eyes to the world, or so to speak, every time he is not on stage, on a tour bus, or in a hotel while doing his work for 5SOS.

More than friends

Luke also considers his 5SOS bandmates Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford not just his good friends but also his supporters.

He disclosed that his bandmates help him to persevere and work hard and that being with them is great. While many are insinuating that Luke could be a good solo artist, he says that he cannot be one.

He said that the reason for the tremendous success of the group is because they all stuck together. They all believe in themselves and they did their best.

Their solid and loyal fans have also been their inspiration to work hard and accomplish everything that they hoped to achieve in their young music careers.

The group is currently on the final leg of their Asian tour, which is part of their “Sounds Live, Feels Live” concert tour spanning different countries and continents.

Attention seeker

While Luke Hemmings and his girlfriend Arzaylea have officially admitted to the public that they have been dating since late last year, many fans of Luke and the 5SOS have been expressing their dislike for the self-proclaimed social media influencer.

Fans have been calling Arzaylea as an attention-getter. She has also been an obstacle for the fans to see more of Luke without her.

But Arzaylea is not the type of person who would take such diss sitting down. In a recent interview, she said that she is not a horrible person as some fans portrayed her to be. She explained that she is just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone who is not so normal, notes Unreality TV of UK.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were recently spotted at the birthday party of Kylie Jenner and Arzayla insisted that she has lots of famous friends and is used to move around a lot in celebrity circles.

It is for such reason that she finds rumors that she is just using Luke Hemmings for his fame ridiculous, if not absurd.

Arzaylea is also hoping that eventually fans of Luke and 5SOS will come to reason with her and perhaps accept her to some degree.

Luke Hemmings

She adds that it is just difficult for some people to grasp the idea that she is human and that she has feelings too. She also says that she loves music and likes music bands a lot. She said that she is so much like the fans of Luke and they have no idea about it.

While the initial reports seem to suggest that Arzaylea will not be joining the band on the Asian and European legs of their tour, it seems that the social media influencer pulled another surprise.

Apparently she showed up in Japan all of a sudden, which was one of the reasons why Luke Hemmings showed up 10 minutes late during one of the band’s concert rehearsals in the country.

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