‘Left 4 Dead 3’ Will Be Faster and Feature More Detailed Graphics Using a Source 2 Engine

It has been reported that the zombie shooter game “Left 4 Dead 3” along with the first person shooter video game “Half Life 3” will be using a Source 2 engine that game developer Valve Corporation has been working on for quite some time now.

Accordingly, because Source 2 is more powerful than its predecessor, it is expected that “Left 4 Dead 3” and “Half Life 3” will be faster and will have more detailed graphics due to the presence of the Vulcan Graphics AP in the Source 2 engine, notes Youth Health Mag.

As early as 2012, Valve has been working on the development of a Source 2 engine in an attempt to replace the outdated content authoring tools for Source. But it was only in August last year when Valve announced the release of the alpha of “Dota 2” Workshop Tools ported to a new engine.

Valve officially announced the release of the Source 2 engine in March this year, which the company made free to developers. The Source 2 engine is apparently compatible with the new Vulcan Graphics AP.

As the two upcoming games from Valve are “Left 4 Dead 3” and “Half-Life 3,” it was already speculated that the game developer will develop them using a Source 2 engine, which is quite logical.

Up in the air

After the no-show stunt pulled off by Valve Corporation during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 last month, the fate of “Left 4 Dead 3” was up in the air.

Contrary to reports that came out sometime in May that game developer Valve Corporation would make an announcement at the E3 2015 regarding its two of its most widely-anticipated video games – “Left 4 Dead 3” and “Half-Life 3,” it appears that fans and gamers will have to wait longer, or worst waited for nothing at all.

It was actually a commenter for the Vine Report on “Left 4 Dead 3” on June 14 who said that Valve would not be making announcement about the game as the developer would not be attending the E3 2015 this year. The commented had the name of Eliot ‘Amaranthine’ Cloud.

This development or regression is a big disappointment to fans and gamers of “Left 4 Dead 3” who have been waiting for all of six years since its predecessor “Left 4 Dead 2” was released in 2009.

Valve Corporation has been very quiet about the game ever since it parted ways with Turtle Rock, which has been its development partner for the “Left 4 Dead” franchise since 2008.

Putting the game to rest for good

Previous reports have it that Valve Corporation has already decided on cancelling the third installment to its best-selling zombie shooter game franchise because the company is reportedly contented with the tons of money being raked in by its other games, namely “Steam,” “Steam Machines,” and “DoTA 2.”

left 4 dead 3

Accordingly, instead of focusing on two upcoming games “Left 4 Dead 3” and the other much-awaited game title “Half-Life 3,” Valve will just do away with the former and focus on the latter and free itself from the intense pressure.


  1. Gabe Newell and Valve need to get with it. The real money maker is not Steam Machines, VR, Steam controller, and dota 2.

    The real money maker is what everyone wants. DUH… wake up and smell the manure Gabe.

  2. Yeah, I remember when a buddy of mine first showed me the videos of Half Life 2 – it wasn’t even out yet, but we were drooling over the released preview videos of the grav gun and the physics of the world. I told everyone I could about it and how excited I was. When they started making the episodes, I couldn’t wait for the next one! I couldn’t think of a more disappointing thing to tell a fan than, “I’ve made all the money I want! – I’m good!” That’s a BIG punch in the gut to tell me how small I am as the consumer and has me thinking seriously about purchasing any future games from Steam and Valve! “You know what Steam and Valve I’ve got all the games I want from you – I’m good!”

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