Left 4 Dead 3 Fans Are Hopeful For Release Date!

Yes, there are plenty of rumors that you can sift through online for just about any topic. Video game is one of the most popular and most searched topics on major search engines each year. They have become so big and when you have a game that is good and fans want to see more, the internet blows up with rumors, speculation and more. That is going on right now for Left 4 Dead and the possibility that a third installment could be possible according to rumors.

The news headlines over the last month or more have pointed to the fact that developers, creators and fans have been hoping for the return of the popular game and that a release date will be announced. The developers that are working on games all the time could be taking its time to release the best installment to the video game franchise ever, or they could be working on a new game that might be considered the next step for the video game series.

Because there is no news online, not even a teaser video for that matter, the speculation from fans and video game publications is quite amazing. According to one source, the game called Evolve, could be the next game in the series. Since the second game was released in the series, there has been little information to go on. However, Turtle Rock Studios is working on a big game release that is supposed to show up some time next month. February is going to be the month that fans get to see the release of Evolve for the Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

According to many of the sources online, Evolve is starting to look a lot like the way Left 4 Dead series has been over the last two games. Evolve brings the squad based combat that fans have grown to love in the Left 4 Dead series and it looks like it also expands on the abilities of each of the group members. Fans are going to be wondering if they are going to have to play Evolve to get a feel for the next game or are the developers going to release a third installment to the series?

left 4 dead 3

In the meantime, the release date of Evolve will be coming soon and it will not take that long before reviews hit the web and gamers will be able to comment on what they think about the new game, or the lack of possibility that their favorite game has been stopped. The game might be stopped, at least in terms of the actual title, but if the gameplay is carried over to another game and the story matches up a little, fans might not even care.

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