Launching of Xiaomi Mi5 Deferred so as Not to Compete with Mi Note and Mi Note Pro: Reports

The Xiaomi Mi4 was launched in July last year and it became the flagship smartphone for the Chinese tech company.

In January 15, Xiaomi officially launched the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro that were highly touted as the current flagship smartphones of the third largest handset maker in the world next only to Samsung and Apple.

The Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro were the Chinese smartphone maker’s obvious answers to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus launched by Apple in September last year. So much so that the development of the Xiaomi Mi5 was already put in question.

In fact, following the launching of the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro in January, there have been rumors that the Chinese manufacturer would already retire its Xiaomi Mi5 product.

From the business standpoint, it would really be illogical for the company to still launch Xiaomi Mi5 with the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro already around as the product would also compete in the same market.

Typical product cycle

Given the typical one-year product cycle of flagship devices, the Xiaomi Mi5 was supposed to launch in July this year.

Perhaps that was the plan before the Xiaomi Mi Note and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro came into the picture. Nowadays, July is off the picture for Xiaomi Mi5.

But the good news from the Chinese tech company is that there would still be a Xiaomi Mi5 that will come out from its end.

Instead of July however, the device, which will most likely become the next flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, will be rolled out towards the fourth quarter of the year. In all likelihood, it will come out before the Holidays and capitalize on the Christmas shopping frenzies all over the world.

Features and specifications

Initial reports on the features and specifications of the Xiaomi Mi5 indicate that the device would be powered by either a Snapdragon 805 or Snapdragon 810 chips, both processors are 64-bit chipsets.

But there were also supposed leaked images in the internet of the Xiaomi Mi5 indicating that the device would be running on the less powerful Snapdragon 801 processor and it will only have 2GB of RAM instead of the previously rumored 3GB RAM.

In terms of appearance, the device is rumored to be only 5.1 mm thick and that it actually looks a lot like the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4. The Xiaomi Mi5 also appears to have stick to the flat screen design although it looks like it was patterned after Apple’s device.

Xiaomi Mi5

The leaked image of the handset also shows that the logo of Xiaomi is on the top left corner of the phone. The Mi5 also has thinner bezels than its predecessor, the Mi4.

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