Latest Update on ‘Boom Beach’ Features More Visuals and a Victory Screen

“Boom Beach,” one of the most popular mobile video games for iOS and Android today, has taken on new updates on the morning of April 24, which developer Supercell is referring to as a ‘new hope for victory screen enthusiasts.’

The latest updates actually involve improvements and some new addition to the game’s visuals including new unit models, extra animations, improved legibility, some new info screen pop-ups, and a victory screen, details Touch Arcade.

The patch also came with housekeeping notes and thus was released with basic bug fixes and optimization to “Boom Beach.”

The update was kind of expected which is typical for the launching of a popular mobile video game so that developers get to impose their will a bit on gamers and also indirectly inform them that they are serving their needs.

A strategy game

A strategy game that combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer-based bases, “Boom Beach” is set in a tropical archipelago with the player situated on an island with deferences and troops.

The gameplay is somewhat similar to Supercell’s equally popular mobile video game, “Clash of Clans.”

Players can build their base, upgraded their defences, put up buildings, and unlock troop upgrades. The game also includes a single player campaign and the ability to attack other players in a multiplayer mode.

Indicating how impressive and widely received “Boom Beach” has become among mobile video gamers, it is actually a Top 10 game in 22 countries when it was launched in March last year.

The game pits the player against an enemy known as “The Blackguard” who is often represented by Lt. Hammerman.

In addition to the main aspect of the game, “Boom Beach” also comes in a cooperative gameplay where players gather intel by surviving or ordering attacks or by rewards. They can then use this intel to attack other bases.

Unpopular re-balancing feature

The April 24 updates to “Boom Beach” also include some re-balancing feature which may prove unpopular to gamers.

With the re-balancing feature, the player’s defensive statue boost time has been decreased considerably, freed Kual villages produces less gold, and player base resources are now smaller. In other words, the game has been made more difficult and challenging now for mobile video gamers.

Supercell explained that the idea behind the re-balancing is to restore balance in the in-game economy of “Boom Beach.”

boom beach

A successful raid on an enemy base usually results in some plundered loot. But now, there’s a Bonus Loot system which is a minimum baseline reward that is meant to ensure that attacking players always get the bounty from a raid. Bonus Loot does not come out of another player’s coffers but it is generated out of thin air or a gift from “Boom Beach” itself.

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