‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Voice Actor for Axel Yet to Do Recordings; Delay of Game’s Release Date Likely!

Although nearly every fan of “Kingdom Hearts 3” is certain that the crossover role-playing game would not come out this year as it is most likely to happen next year, it seems that there is a bit of bad news going around especially when the voice actor for Axel, one of the game’s characters, confirmed that he has not done any recording thus far.

Voice actor Quinton Flynn, the person behind the lead character Axel in the “Kingdom Hearts” video game franchise, recently took to Twitter to say that he has yet to be called to do voice recording for the character.

His post on Twitter had a bit of sarcasm on it when he remarked that game developer Square Enix should step up the production of “Kingdom Hearts 3” soon because Quinton needs to pay his bills, notes the Christian Times.

It seems like Flynn is quite upset with the apparent delay in the game’s development and several fans of the popular video game series also share his sentiments.

A glimmer of hope

However, there is a glimmer of hope as to the possibility of “Kingdom Hearts 3” getting released earlier as some reports point out that the other voice actors for the video game have already started doing voice recording.

It is possible that Square Enix is putting Quinton Flynn’s voice recording schedule towards the end or worst, they have considered a different voice actor for Axel, which seems unlikely.

It was voice actor Jim Cummings who confirmed that he has already been called by Square Enix to start voice recording for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

The 2016 release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3” has become nearly impossible since the Japanese game developer is also about to release its high-profile game “Final Fantasy XV” on September 30 on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

It was kind of expected by both gamers and critics that the only time that Square Enix can focus on the development of “Kingdom Hearts 3” is once “Final Fantasy XV” is finally released to the gaming consoles.

A thirst-quencher

In order to quench fan thirst and wait for “Kingdom Hearts 3,” reports have it that Square Enix will be releasing the mobile game “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X” for both Android and iOS devices very soon.

Previous rumors stated that the mobile game would come out early this month but up until today, “Kingdom Hearts Unchained X” has yet to come out, notes the Parent Herald.

It’s an entirely different game but the mobile version would be enough to quench fan thirst and wait for the bigger “Kingdom Hearts 3,” some critics say.

Meanwhile, Parent Herald also listed the four Disney worlds that are confirmed to have their crossover in “Kingdom Hearts 3” and these are “Tangled,” “Hercules,” “Mysterious Tower,” and “Big Hero 6.”

However, both game developer Square Enix and Disney have yet to confirm the Disney worlds that will be featured in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Rumors about the inclusion of “Big Hero 6” in the game started following an artwork that came out late last year showing game protagonist Sora with his keyblade out and riding on Baymax.

kingdom hearts 3

Several months after, there were reports that also started coming out stating that “Toy Story” shall also be featured in “Kingdom Hearts 3” especially when a supposed leaked image of the game showed Sora, Donald, and Goofy riding what looks like Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblaster.

Lately, however, more rumors started coming out and the possible new characters from other Disney franchise who are reportedly coming to the game include the ones from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Peter Pan,” “Snow White,” “Mulan,” “The Lion King,” and the “Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

But all these remain as speculations pending the confirmation or denial from either Square Enix or Disney or both companies.

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