Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date And New Game Trailer Revealed!

When it comes to video games, those that play them want to see progress leading up to the game being released. YouTube has a huge role in keeping the gamers ready for anything new since that is the main place where game teasers and other trailers are uploaded for their pleasure. When the game is popular and has a major following all over the world, those teasers and trailers mean even more. That is the case with Kingdom Hearts 3 and the fact that the action-role playing game is expected to sell millions of copies worldwide.

The Kingdom Hearts series has been popular since the first game was released back in 2002. Since then, the game has seen eleven new installments and that is one thing that has kept the gamers coming back for more. Clearly the main draw for the game is that players get to enjoy the game as one or more of their favorite characters from well known movies.

Those characters come from Disney and Square Enix studios and have been the talk of the town over the last ten plus years. If you have not played the game, you can expect to see characters like Sora, Riku, Kairi, King Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy and all of the voices that go along with them. That is just a short list of the main characters that are complimented by a longer list of antagonists in the game. That list includes characters like Maleficent, Ansem, Braig, Isa and even Jiminy Cricket.

Now that gamers are already in line to see what Kingdom Hearts 3 has to offer them, the rumors and other speculation about the game has hit the web like a brick. The first thing that gamers want to know is when the game is going to be available for purchase, or pre-order which is most likely going to be the case. After that, they are going to want to know what the gameplay is going to be like when they turn the game on. Rumors like new features for Goofy and others for Sora are not enough to satisfy.

Kingdom Hearts 3

There are also rumors that gamers could see the blasters from Toy Story in the game, however there is little information about what role the blasters will play in the game, or if you will be able to use them as a weapon as you play. As always, there is plenty to wonder about in the game and that is what keeps the buzz up about something new like Kingdom Hearts 3. Once you learn the release date and the gameplay rumors are put aside, the next thing is whether developers are going to bring new characters.

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