Kingdom Hearts 3 Possibly Coming in a Year after New Leak Surfaces!

One of the most anticipated releases in the gaming industry, “Kingdom Hearts 3”, is also one of the most mysterious ones as Square Enix have been very careful not to release any critical details before they are ready to market the game properly. So far, it seems like they are planning something quite spectacular for fans of the famous franchise, but it will likely be a while before we get any official details.

We don’t even know when the game is supposed to come out yet, although there is certainly no shortage of speculation in this regard. There are several prominent theories, but as usual when it comes to the release of a major, important game, fans should take everything they gear with a grain of salt. The rumors just don’t stop coming, and at this rate we’ve heard claims about the game coming out at various point of time.

Most recently, it’s been rumored that the game is coming out in just over one year, on December 31 2016. That’s quite the long time away, and many fans were hoping to see the game earlier during 2016, but of course we have no idea if the leak had the right date or if this was just another hoax. However, the source of that leak has been more credible this time, giving fans the idea that the information could actually be real. More specifically, the announcement came from an erroneously posted listing on Amazon which also states the release date of the game while giving fans an opportunity to preorder it.

There has been no official comment about the leak, although we don’t really expect the studio to address the situation. They don’t really have anything to gain from this, especially if the release date was just a placeholder and they don’t actually know when the game is coming out themselves. According to some fans, that would also be a problem as the title has already been in development for a long time and people are expecting to see it soon.

Other than that, there have also been some minor rumors related to the gameplay of the new title, but we have no idea which of them could turn out to be true. For what it’s worth, people are making some very interesting claims about “Kingdom Hearts 3”, and if most of those rumors turn out to be true, then the game is really going to push this franchise forward and explore new territories for it.

That’s really not that surprising though, as the long development period of this game means that people are expecting nothing less from it. If it doesn’t come with any significant changes, then it’s going to be a huge disappointment to many people – and considering the importance of this franchise in the portfolio of Square Enix, it’s going to be a disaster for the company if this title fails. From what we’ve seen do far though, this doesn’t seem to be a real risk as the studio has been handling things responsibly from what we’ve heard.

Kingdom Hearts 3

We can somewhat understand the secrecy around this title too, all things considered. Gamers have the tendency to take things out of context and twist the words of developers, so the studio is obviously being careful and trying to not give their fans any false hopes for what’s about to come. After all, this could very easily backfire on them.

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