Katie Rost Tweets Her Return to Real Housewives of Potomac

After a brief appearance in the premiere episode of the last season of The Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP), Katie Rost announces she’s back on the third season.

Katie Rost was apparently one of the show’s full time housewives  in the first season of the reality show alongside Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Ashley Darby, and Charrisse Jackson Jordan. While the rest of the cast returned for the second season, Katie only had a small appearance.

She tweeted back then that she was out of the show shortly after season 2 started filming. According to her, the producer’s didn’t think that her life was exciting enough.

It’s probably safe to assume that her life became more exciting now since she returns for the next season, don’t you think so? Now that the producers have changed their mind to include her in the third installment, Katie might have brought exciting and intriguing stuff with her.

Katie announced it herself that she’s excited to tell everyone that she’s returning to TV. Her tweet garnered a handful of happy tweets from fans rejoicing her return.

Some fans actually claim that Katie was the most exciting character in the first season and that the second season was missing something without her in it.

However, it’s not clear yet if Katie is returning as a full time housewife or just a guessing star. Katie hasn’t answered any questions yet about her role in the show but it’s likely she’s not even aware of it yet.

It is because the producers of Real Housewives franchise don’t make final decisions regarding the show if a housewife is a full time or part-time until after they watch the whole footage.

But after that enthusiastic tweet saying she’s returned with a hashtag blessed, the tweet has been deleted. It might be because Katie is still under negotiations about her potential return.

There was no confirmation from Bravo of her return and the official announcement of return of season 3 for RHOP hasn’t been confirmed either. It is expected though that filming for the next season is assumed to begin this fall.

However there are rumors that the show will have a revamp soon because of not-so-great ratings. So we can assume that if they put Katie back, they believe she’s going to make the ratings higher.

Katie rost

To boost the last season of the show, Bravo scheduled RHOP together with Real Housewives of Atlanta to keep the viewers. Others presume that they may not even start a third season because there isn’t enough drama to sustain the franchise.

It has long been cited from The Washington Post article that producers from Bravo are being on the fence and has doubts on the show’s longevity.

Real Housewives of Potomac is set in an affluent Maryland suburb. It portrays the everyday lives of certain full-time and part-time housewives.

In the first season, the show highlighted the divorce of Jackson-Jordan from Eddie Jordan and ongoing woes between the married couple, Darby and Michael.

In Season 2, it focused on the breakup of Gizelle Bryant with Kevin and with her new relationship with Sherman Douglas.

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