Kate Middleton Feels Betrayed that Some Royal Servants Spilled Private Affairs to Queen Elizabeth and the Media

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton feels bad and betrayed that some of her former royal servants is spilling secret details about her and her family’s private affairs to the media and even to Queen Elizabeth.

Recently, details of Kate Middleton’s personal goings-on like her pole dancing and also her and Prince Willam’s plan of having a third baby came out in the tabloids and also got to the knowledge of the Queen.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the former bodyguards of the Duchess of Cambridge were actually the ones who revealed several of her secrets to Star magazine. Kate reportedly took offense when word about her taking pole dancing classes came out to the media and the public, which did not please Queen Elizabeth.

Both Kate and William are concerned with the stream of personal information making its way to the media and Queen Elizabeth.

Another secret that the royal couple was keeping is the postpartum depression of Kate Middleton. However, someone from the staff members revealed in the media and the public that the Duchess was feeling worse than what was being initially portrayed of her.

But the biggest concern for William and Kate is how their private secrets are being reported to Queen Elizabeth, worried that it might displease the Queen all the more.

The answer to their problems

It seems however that despite all the displeasure that some of their private affairs and secrets made it to the media and the Queen, there is still a big way out for both Prince William and Kate which is planning for a third royal baby.

It has been reported that Kate’s age and health concerns are just two of the main factors that can affect their plan of having a third baby. In the monarch of England, producing royal children is a huge economy stimulator and it is the true value of the Duchess of Cambridge in the eyes of the royalty.

Apparently, all of the couple’s royal baby plans, including the skepticism and hesitation of Prince William, are being reported back to Queen Elizabeth by a snitch or several snitches serving Kate Middleton.

The Queen is in fact, also privy, to every move of Carole Middleton, the mother of Kate, who has been staging photo ops of herself doting on Prince George, the son of Prince William and Kate.

Carole has recently taken Prince George to the petting zoo and was also seen making sandcastles with his grandson in a beach. She began changing the protocol at Anmer Hall and recommended that staff and royals call each other on a first-name basis. She has likewise called the shots in the daily activities of Prince George. All those details have been made privy to the Queen including the fact that her son, Prince Charles, was completely shut out in the process.

More time with the royal children

The revelations of those details to the press and the Queen resulted positively for Prince Charles as he is now receiving more time with his grandchildren, on the directive of his mother.

In fact, there are reports that Prince George now has his own playground at the home of Prince Charles in Highgrove. Many are thinking that the extended time of Prince Charles with the royal children are due largely to the increase in Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s allowance, but it seems that it has something more to do with the recent moves of Queen Elizabeth.

kate middleton

During the second birthday celebration of Prince George on July 22, Queen Elizabeth did not attend the party and sent instead Prince Phillip on her behalf. It was a clear sign that something is really wrong between the Queen and the meddling Middletons. The Queen is reportedly also frustrated to the reported alleged laziness of the Duchess of Cambridge and worried that such may have an impact on the slowing economy, as the so-called ‘Kate Effect’ wanes.

In order to arrest notions that she is not being a hands-on mother to her children, Kate Middleton has been spending more sweet and quality time together with her son Prince George.

The Duchess of Cambridge brought her son in June to the Snettisham Park, days before the young prince was spotted playing with a group of his cousins at the Gigaset Charity Polo Match. Prince George was as playful as ever while running around with his mom and pushing a tiny tractor through the grass, details Popsugar.

Kate was seen keeping things casual by wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. George, on the other hand, bundled up in a brown sweater and printed puffy vest.

It was just one of the many adorable afternoons from the young prince, from his petting zoo date with mom Kate before the birth of Princess Charlotte to the fun-filled outing he had with his grandmother Carole.

Prince George was also seen early in July with Prince William and Kate during his baby sister’s christening at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate of Queen Elizabeth II. The young prince wore a sweet outfit that was similar to the one his father wore to meet his newborn brother, Harry, back in 1984.

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