Jeremy Lin Suiting Up for Denver Nuggets Next Season Now Very Likely

The prospect of Jeremy Lin suiting up for the Denver Nuggets now looms high on the horizon following the decision of the Mile High franchise to trade point guard Ty Lawson.

Reports have it that the Nuggets want to use Lawson as trade leverage before the June 25 NBA draft so that the team can get another high pick, in addition to their current 7th pick in the upcoming draft.

It is also likely that the Lawson deal would further be sweetened with the inclusion of power forward Kenneth Faried, details Yibada.

By looking to do away with point guard Ty Lawson, it is likely that the Denver Nuggets are already working to make room for the possible acquisition of point guard Jeremy Lin from the free agency this coming off-season.

This notion is further reinforced by the fact that the Mile High basketball franchise is looking to take in Mike D’Antoni as its new head coach for the next NBA season.

D’Antoni was the coach of Jeremy Lin during his short-lived Linsanity days with the New York Knicks during the 2011-12 NBA season. In an interview a couple of week ago, D’Antoni said that he would like to have Jeremy Lin in his team if he is given the opportunity to do so.

With D’Antoni just awaiting for his official appointment as the new head coach of the Denver Nuggets, it is likely that his first order of business is to get a point guard for his team, whom he has known for some time. And there’s no other point guard in the free agency whom he knows better than the 26-year-old Harvard graduate.


Assuming that the Nuggets deal Lawson and take on Lin for the point guard spot in its roster, they’re actually not giving too much in the deal.

While Lawson’s per game numbers of 15.2 points and 9.6 assists is better than Lin’s 11.1 points and 4.6 assists per game, the American-Taiwanese point guard is capable of putting up bigger numbers if he’s given the opportunity to do so as he has shown during his performances with the Los Angeles Lakers after the NBA All-Star break.

So it is basically a tit-for-tat for the Nuggets. It also appears that the Nuggets are rebuilding and shall be anchoring their future on its young center Jusuf Nurkic and Italian sharpshooter off guard Danilo Gallinari. That leaves a lot of room for a point guard to really excel in the spot.

With the Nuggets’ run-and-gun type of play, Jeremy Lin’s game would be perfect for the team. With consistent aggressiveness which he showed during the second half of the season with the Lakers, Lin could really thrive with the Mile High basketball team, especially under the helm of Mike D’Antoni.

Looking for a home

Jeremy Lin would be welcoming the 2015-16 NBA season with renewed optimism following a tumultuous one-year stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

It woul be his sixth NBA season and assuming that the Denver Nuggets acquired him as a free agent, it would be his fifth team in six years.

Jeremy Lin

Although undrafted, he was taken in by the Golden State Warriors during the 2010-11 season but was waived the following year. He certainly can’t find a spot in the team with Stephen Curry at the point guard position effectively and productively doing well.


  1. um…one problem. dantoni hasn’t interviewed for the position. there’s all this talk about hiring him but he has to actually interview before he is considered.

    1. one other problem…do the fans have anything to say about it? To this author Faried seems a throwaway for a chancy draft pick? He is the only player that made the Nuggets worth watching for 2 years now. I have seen some pretty big draft busts even in the top 5 spots before…..

  2. The NBA has passed Mike Dantoni by , let’s keep it that way ! Melvin Hunt is our best bet for an excellent coach , no need to look further ! If the current brain trust stupidly wants to trade Lawson & Fareid they still haven’t learned from the Shaw fiasco .

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