Jennifer Lopez Encouraged by Family to Marry Casper Smart, According to Rumors, Is the Couple Planning a Secret Wedding? Let’s See

The relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart has been going relatively well since the two got together, and it didn’t take long for various rumors to start surrounding them and for their fans to start discussing different possibilities for the future of the couple. People are generally confused over what they can expect to see between the two stars later on, as there have been some ups and downs in their relationship, but according to the latest rumors, there might be something big coming up between them that will be a delight to their fans.

More specifically, the rumors claim that the two have been considering getting married lately, and this is also something that has been encouraged by both sides of their families. While it’s just a rumor, if it turned out to be true then it’s very likely that the two of them would be considering getting married sometime soon, as this kind of persuasion would certainly be difficult to resist. Especially if their relationship is also going as well as most rumors are claiming.

For now, there have been talks of the two of them getting together with the family of Casper Smart for Thanksgiving, but according to some of the more interesting rumors, there might be something more to that get-together than just the holiday occasion. If the suspicions turn out to be true, then they might be planning a wedding away from the public eye and with just a small number of family members present and close by.

There is reportedly a lot of familiarity between the stars and each other’s families too, as this won’t be the first time Jennifer Lopez is meeting relatives of Casper Smart, so it should be a nice, cozy family event with a lot to talk about on both sides. We aren’t sure if we should expect to see any pictures from the occasion, seeing as how it’s a private family event and not something appropriate for the media, but there will probably still at least be some talks about it after it’s over.

Whether or not there will actually be a wedding there though, that’s hard to say. If that does end up happening, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s going to be talked about in the press, and it will actually be a hot event for quite a while. Both Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have been enjoying a lot of attention from the press, and the two of them will definitely be the subject of some major discussions if they end up taking their relationship to the next level.

But as we said above, that’s all just a rumor for now, and for all we know they could just be getting together for a nice family reunion for Thanksgiving. We expect that there would be a lot more talks in the press about a possible marriage if it really was happening, so we wouldn’t put too much weight to that rumor.

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Other sources that point towards a possible wedding are saying that Casper Smart has actually been very adamant on getting married and he has been proposing over and over again since the two of them got together, but Jennifer Lopez has been more reluctant to accept. We don’t know the exact reasons – and of course it’s not even guaranteed that this is true – but if that’s the case, things might change after she spends a little more time with his family for Thanksgiving.

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