Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the Middle of Controversy as Suspicious Shots of Them Surface!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck supposedly ended their relationship some time ago, and even though they were said to never be getting back together, recently we’ve been hearing reports of the contrary, which have caused a lot of tension in the celebrity world. In particular, the partner of Jennifer Lopez is supposedly alarmed by the revelations, while Jennifer Garner has reportedly not taken the announcement very well, even though her marriage with Affleck was over anyway.

Reports claim that recently, several pictures have surfaced showing the two in a compromising situation, kissing in a hot tub. It’s not clear how these pictures found their way to the public, but now that they are out, they have been stirring up quite the commotion and it doesn’t seem like the situation is going to die down anytime soon. If anything, the drama is only starting from what we can tell, and the fallout from this will potentially be huge.

There is actually a whole video showing the two of them kissing and hugging intimately and passionately, according to publications, which would make the situation even trickier to navigate for those involved. Pictures are one thing and they’re easy enough to fake, but a video is much more convincing evidence that something is going on, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even more that was revealed in private but isn’t being shown to the public right now.

And yet, even after this controversy, Casper Smart is apparently still dating Jennifer Lopez, leading to some minor jokes about his family name in the community of fans. Many seem to believe that he is being a fool to continue the relationship at this point, and indeed, unless there is more to this story that we aren’t hearing (which is not that unlikely), it does seem strange that someone would choose to not break up in that case.

But we don’t know the full picture in all likelihood, and on the other hand celebrity relationships tend to work in weird ways which are sometimes not that obvious to people outside of those circles. It’s entirely possible that Casper Smart and everyone else involved simply see things in a different light and they don’t let the situation affect them so negatively, but it would be hard to say what’s going through their heads right now without some official statement from someone involved.

In any case, this obviously isn’t going to have a positive effect on the divorce that Ben Affleck is going through right now, although it could at least shed some light on the situation and reveal the true motives behind that separation, according to some fans. Previously it was thought that the divorce was for different reasons, and now people are starting to suspect that Jennifer Lopez might have been at the heart of this controversy from the very beginning. As we said above, the celebrity world is messy and complicated and we don’t quite know what to make of all this.

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Some have even gone as far as to suspect that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart might just be putting on an appearance for the public, while they are actually going through some serious issues behind the scenes at the same time. There are certainly ways to consider this a possibility, and it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has faked an aspect of their private life in order to avoid negative attention from the press, but we don’t know if Jennifer Lopez would go down that road.

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