Jackie Chan’s ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ Filming in Dubai Boosts UAE Movie Industry!

Since last month, Chinese martial arts superstar Jackie Chan has been filming his upcoming movie titled “Kung Fu Yoga” in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The government of UAE welcomed the filming of the international movie in their country as it continues to boost the stature of Dubai as an increasingly popular destination for both Hollywood and Bollywood films, notes Arabian Business.

Filming of Jackie Chan’s movie has taken place at the Atlantis Hotel, the Palm and also Downtown Dubai where the production recently shot a car chase scene, prompting the local government to close parts of it to the public.

Jackie Chan has been in the country since late last month and will stay until October 30 where they expect to wrap up filming in the Emirate.

Very welcome in Dubai

Jamal Al Sharif, chairman of the Dubai Film and TV Commission, and managing director of Dubai Studio City, said that the country and the Emirate is very excited to welcome international action superstar Jackie Chat and the “Kung Fu Yoga” production team upon their arrival late last month.

He added that the shooting of large movie productions in Dubai has not only contributed to the continued development of a sustainable local film industry, it has also showcased the Emirate’s attractions, lifestyle, locations, and culture to a global audience. It also establishes UAE as a leading international filming hub.

For his part, Jackie Chan seems to be enjoying his stay in Dubai and appears to be acclimatizing himself well with the weather and the people. In fact, he was recently spotted wearing traditional Arabic dress while attending a camel racing event in the capital.

It was the camel racing website Al Namoos which posted on its Instagram account the picture of the 61-year-old action superstar wearing the traditional Arabic kandura when he attended the event.

Journey to success

Jackie Chan has been in the movie business for quite some time. He has spent more than half of his life doing movies but his rise to international superstardom did not come to him on a silver platter.

According to the Den of Geek, Jackie’s journey to success in American movies was not an easy one. The Chinese actor started acting when he was just five years old and trained under prestigious masters in drama, acrobatics, and martial arts.

He became a stuntman on major Hong Kong productions when he was 17, but his biggest break happened in 1978 with the films “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” and “Drunken Master,” where he hit national stardom.

While he became very popular in his home market in the 80s, he had to make it to the American market to ensure his longevity and to prove that he is the real deal. There were three attempts to enable Jackie to break ground into the mainstream American film market.

The first was “The Big Brawl” shown in 1980, but it turned out to be a disappointment. Five years later, he tried to penetrate the market again with “The Protector” when he was already a big international action star in most parts of the world, except in America.

But because of its eastern story, the movie was not a commercial success in the US and Jackie almost saw his American dream slipping away.

Ten years later, he made his third attempt to enter the US market with the movie “Rumble in the Bronx.” The film did not just crack the American audience, it smashed them into pieces, and finally paved the way for the official entry of Jackie Chan in the US market. The rest, as most in the Hollywood film industry know it, is history.

Jackie Chan has arrived in Hollywood and he is there to stay for good. But it is worth looking into the fact that it actually took him 15 years to break into the American market before he finally hit the home run. And he has been thriving since. jackie chan

Sometime in August this year, Jackie Chan added a new feather in his cap in his surging global popularity when he was named as the fourth most-admired man in the world by British polling firm YouGov.

Jackie Chan came at fourth spot following billionaire and Microsoft chief Bill Gates, US President Barrack Obama, and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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