Jackie Chan’s Illegitimate Daughter Continues to Disobey Her Mother for Alleged Abuse

Etta Ng, the 15-year-old illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan, by former Hong Kong actress and beauty queen Elaine Ng, continues to disobey her mother because of alleged abuse on her.

On April 22, Elaine fetched her daughter from school to take her home but Etta refused to come and go with her. Elaine even had an argument with school authorities because they sided with Etta on the issue since the teenage girl does not really want to come home with her mother, details The Star.

Elaine went to school in the early afternoon to pick up her daughter after classes but even when she left the institution at around 9 pm, she was still without Etta.

Apparently, arrangements have been made and agreed upon that Etta will be living elsewhere as Elaine works on her drinking problem.

Last week, Etta filed a complaint with the police about the drinking problem of her mother and accused her of abusing her physically when she was drunk. Elaine denied the physical abuse accusations by saying that she was just drinking wine in order to overcome her insomnia and enable her to sleep.

Refused to talk about it

A few days ago, Jackie Chan talked about his love child for the very first time during the launching of his book in Hong Kong. However, the Asian action star refused to focus and dwell so much about her.

Jackie Chan was in Hong Kong early this week to promote his autobiography titled: “Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Grow Older,” and during an interview with the press, one member of the media asked him about his daughter Etta after reports came out recently that the girl had her mother arrested for physical abuse.

The reporter asked Jackie if he would be leaving part of his inheritance to his nearly 15-year-old daughter Etta and he said that he does not believe that the girl needs his inheritance.

Jackie Chan started her affair with Elaine Ng back in 1999. He later got her pregnant but Jackie decided to seek the forgiveness of his wife Joan Lin and totally cut his ties with Elaine and their love child Etta.

Jackie Chan disclosed that he has had his regrets for the mistakes he committed in the past. He says he really feels sorry for Etta for being a victim of her own past.

The action superstar said that Etta has been hurt and he deeply regrets it because he has apparently let both sides down.

jackie chan

When asked if he will continue to disregard Etta as his own daughter, Jackie Chan said that there are things that are better left unsaid. He said that he is leaving everything to time and nature to take their courses.


  1. Honestly I’ve always liked his movies and thought him to be a classy man but now that I know this, I will no longer support him as an actor. I hope he gets what he deserves for being such a lousy human being.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of things listed, rumors, etc. First, Jackie us NOT an only child. His father and mother both had children by previous marriages. Jackie has two half sisters and two half brothers. Second, Jackie has trouble telling the absolute truth about himself, or take complete responsibility for his actions. This probably stems from his insecurities and wanting to be admired. Third, he was a bad father to his son, Jaycee, not being around when Jaycee was growing up, and most recently not standing behind him when Jaycee was arrested for drug possession. Jackie ‘ s history as Hong Kong ‘ s bad boy at around that same age, and his heavy drinking makes his not helping Jay hypocritical. Not acknowledging Etta as his…and I’m not sure that was ever firmly established as Elaine Ng was seeing another man at the same time, is questionable. He is a good actor, has accomplished a great deal, and is dedicated to helping those in his native country who need it. He truly feels that passion. I admired him a long time until I saw beneath the surface to the fallible human being. I still like his movies. Him, well, not so much.

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