Jackie Chan Turns Down Role in The Expendables 4, Film to Possibly Meet Fast and Furious Storyline!

We don’t know the exact details for the casting choices in “The Expendables 4” yet, although we certainly have plenty of rumors going around and pointing in all sorts of different directions. It’s a bit of a strange situation as some of the rumors are actually contradicting each other, but that’s usually how it goes with major productions like that.

Jackie Chan has reportedly been approached by Sylvester Stallone, though without much success. Reportedly, Chan isn’t that interested in performing in the new “Expendables”, although he is open to working together with Stallone in a more personal way. It’s not known if this will actually happen in the near future or not, but considering that both actors are pretty busy with their respective schedules right now, it’s not very likely.

Unless of course Stallone finds a way to include Jackie Chan in the film in a more isolated manner, performing exclusively with him or something along those lines. Considering the way the franchise has been structured so far though, that doesn’t seem very likely. Fans have still been hopeful to possibly see Jackie Chan in “The Expendables 4”, but at this point the only official statement we have on that is Jackie Chan saying “no”.

Other than that, some of the more recent rumors about the new film include Hulk Hogan and… Justin Bieber. The latter choice has been met with mixed responses from fans, but most were amused by the possibility of seeing Justin Bieber playing in that particular film. The singer has been trying to portray himself in a tougher image lately, though according to most, so far it’s mostly been backfiring by making him look desperate for attention. He has been trying to get involved in the world of MMA, though it’s not clear if he’ll actually progress there in any significant way.

When are we going to see “The Expendables 4” though? 2016 is the most likely release year, according to current rumors, but no specific date has been set yet. There have been no rumors about delays in the production, so it’s not unlikely that we could get the film in 2016 indeed. But until an official date has been revealed by the studio, fans might want to avoid speculating on this too much.

The Expendables 4

After all, even the casting hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it’s likely that even if they do have a date planned at this point, it could change over the next few months as the production is taking a more solid shape. Stallone is one who enjoys the connection with his fans and always tries to stay in touch with them, so we’ll probably hear something from him soon enough.

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