J-Lo, Marc Anthony Show Post-Marriage Friendship in Twin’s 7th Birthday Party, And More Details

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have split in July 2011 after seven years of marriage and the birth of their twins Max and Emme. But it was only in June 2014 that their divorce became final.

Despite the breakup, the two have remained good friends, taking on the high road to their failed marriage by being both civil and non-derogatory to one another.

On February 21, J-Lo and Marc Anthony reunited again but it’s nothing romantic at all but rather obligatory. They came together as parents to Max and Emme who celebrated their 7th birthday, details People.

J-Lo actually posted a sweet photo on her Instagram account of their family featuring herself, her ex-husband Marc Anthony and their twins Max and Emme.

She captioned the cheerful image by writing ‘Party time! Happy 7th birthday to the coconuts,’ and ending it with #thesetwoknowhowtoparty and #twins#LOVE#familia.

Remained in good terms

The “American Idol” judge and Marc Anthony have remained in good terms and friends after parting ways in 2011.

Jennifer Lopez even detailed in People’s magazine’s February 2 issue the post-marriage friendship she and Marc Anthony have since they split.

She reveals that they have good rapport because they both know that their twins are the most important thing for the two of them so they always fill in for each other where the other needs to be.

While she has been through numerous relationships that never lasted for more than seven years, Jennifer Lopez still believes that a lasting love will eventually find its way to her.

Single again

After the official dissolution of her marriage to Marc Anthony last year, the 45-year-old J-Lo began dating 27-year-old actor Casper Smart.

Just recently, they split and she is now single again. But as part of her post-breakup rule, J-Lo said she is now giving herself time. She needs to be alone and that there has to be no flirting with other man and no possibility of falling into another relationship.

She admits that she is now ready and willing to shut down herself from men after a breakup. Unlike before when she draws comfort and solace from a man after coming off a failed relationship, she is no longer committing the same mistake again in her life.

Jennifer Lopez said that she was wrong in thinking that she will find comfort in another person or that she can get fulfilment in love from somebody else after a failed relationship. She reveals that she was afraid to be alone so if she’s in pain and somebody comes along to help her ease and forget the pain, she falls for the person right away.

marc anthony and jennifer lopez

But not anymore, says the “American Idol” judge who will soon be appearing in the upcoming movie “The Boy Next Door.”

Marc Anthony meanwhile, found another love again in model Shannon de Lima, whom he married in November last year.

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