Is Claire Underwood Running for President in House of Cards Season 4? Let’s See!

We know for a fact that “House of Cards” is getting a fourth season, as Netflix gave the green light for the production. However, exact details on the new episodes remain unclear, and even though there is certainly plenty of speculation going around, we’re not sure what kinds of developments we’re going to see. Even just looking at the rumors though, we can certainly say that this is shaping up to be a very interesting season so far.

For example, while Frank Underwood will return to his role as the current President, it might turn out that Claire is also going to try and run for the position. There was an interesting post made on the official Twitter account for the show stating “I will leave a legacy”, along with a photo that said “SEASON 4 COMING 2016”. It’s not yet known what kind of legacy the picture could be referring to exactly, but given the nature of the show as a whole, it could mean some serious things.

Sadly, we still don’t know when the new season is supposed to arrive, but there is speculation that the first episode is being prepared for March 11, 2016. This will match the release pattern of previous seasons, which is why many fans believe that this is indeed the big date right now. Interestingly enough, it’s also the date that the Confederate States Constitution was officially adopted, meaning that there could be some symbolism to the release date.

Claire Underwood decided to leave her husband at the end of season 3, much to the surprise of many fans of the show. That was when he was moving towards his re-election, and such a situation would obviously affect Frank in a very significant way. It could very well cost him his chances at getting re-elected, but on the other hand, it also drove home the point that Claire had been trying to make earlier about what she truly finds important in a relationship.

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We’re probably going to see season 4 focusing on the difficulties the two are facing in their relationship at the moment, and how they’re going to present that to the public. If Claire does run for President herself, this would be a very interesting battle. But some have speculated that it could actually improve Frank’s chances instead of letting the divorce undermine his position, as having him battle against his own ex-wife for the position of the President could definitely draw a lot of attention to their situation. This is a show that breaks boundaries all the time, and we would not be surprised to see a development like this shaping up throughout season 4.

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  1. Claire will run for president, Francis will drop out, they’ll get back together, Clare becomes president and Frank becomes First Lady

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