Iron Man 4 Still Rumored to Be Cancelled, Robert Downey Jr Interviewed by Mini Thor!

There is still no official information on the “Iron Man 4” front, despite the growing interest towards the production from both fans and the media. There are various developments in the Marvel universe in general, and several films are scheduled to come out by 2020, but there is no word about “Iron Man 4” among all those announcements. If the current situation doesn’t change, it will be at least another five years before we see any news about “Iron Man 4” being officially released.

Still, Tony Stark as a character will likely not be missing from the screen for that long, as there have been rumors that the Iron Man will appear in “Black Panther”, “Captain Marvel”, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” and possibly other films in small cameo roles. We don’t know the exact details of his appearances in those productions, and it’s entirely possible that it’s just a small role that won’t develop his character in any way, but it’s also not unlikely that it could be something more.

That could actually be the perfect way to fill the hole in fans’ hearts who are disappointed by the fact that they likely aren’t going to see another “Iron Man” film for several years, and it could even give them something extra to discuss and get hyped about in the meantime. There have even been some braver speculations considering the possibility that these cameo roles could be used to hint at what could happen in “Iron Man 4” when that film does eventually get announced.

Robert Downey Jr has been in the media several times lately, and while interviewers are always eager to ask him about “Iron Man 4”, those questions understandably get left without an answer. What’s more, some interviewers have been particularly tactless, trying to dig into the actor’s past and his struggle with addictions, when it’s apparent that he just wants to talk about his current work on “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

He was actually forced to walk out on one of those interviews when it took a particularly nasty turn, as the actor said that he feared it would not be appropriate for children watching the interview and he didn’t want to give his younger fans the wrong impression.

Iron Man 4

This move of his has been commended by most members of the press who agreed that Krishan Guru-Murthy, the interviewer in question, went too far in his probing and could have eased his questioning a little bit. There has been no follow-up to that interview so far, but if there is, it will likely be all over the news immediately.

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