Irina Shayk Appears Confident that Bradley Cooper Does Not Believe the Rumors that She is a Gold Digger!

The relationship of Bradley Cooper and Russian supermodel Irina Shayk appears to be going strong amid rumors and skepticisms from various quarters.

After the rumors that Irina previously dated disgraced former FIFA chief Sepp Blatter several years back was recanted by the same Spanish tabloid that first ran the story, Irina is faced with yet another set of negative rumors.

This time, she is being accused of being a gold digger and that she is only dating Bradley Cooper because the “American Sniper” actor is the world’s fourth highest-paid male celebrity according to Forbes for 2015 with a total of $41.5 million in earnings.

The rumors are even saying that it is the close friends of Bradley Cooper who have been telling the actor of the supposed intentions of his 29-year-old supermodel-girlfriend, notes the Franchise Herald.

Not a believer of rumors

But it seems that Bradley no longer believes the rumors that seek to discredit his girlfriend anew. Apparently, Irina has been subjected to a lot of criticisms and rumors in the past that eventually turned out to be false.

Prior to the Sepp Blatter dating story, Irina Shayk was also rumored to have been the one who actually cheated on her former football superstar boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo that caused their split late last year.

Eventually, a Playboy model came out to say that she was the girl to whom Ronaldo had a fling when he cheated on Irina, thus clearing the supermodel of any wrongdoing on the ill-fated love affair.

Amid all the negative rumors about her, Irina Shayk still won the heart not only of Bradley Cooper but also his mother.

In fact, the couple and Bradley’s mother Gloria Campano were even spotted during the Labor Day holiday, which means that she is in favor of the relationship. This was also in stark contrast to the previous rumors that Gloria favors Bradley to get back together again with his former model-girlfriend Suki Waterhouse.

Discreet at the airport

A few weeks ago, Bradley and Irina were spotted being discreet at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France.

They played low-key so as not to be recognized by many people while they waited for their luggage, before heading off to enjoy a break in the French capital.

Irina wore a leather coat with oversized collars for dramatic effect and she had no make-up on. She also wore a pair of designer sunglasses and carried a crocodile-skin handbag, details the Daily Mail.

“The Hangover” actor wore a heavy coat and pair it with jeans and a baseball cap to look handsomely rugged.

However their attempt to conceal their looks appears to have been blown when one female fan still recognized them and greeted them, which the couple returned graciously.

When the rumors came out that Irina previously dated disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, the supermodel not only vehemently denied it, she also threatened to sue the publication for libel for its false and malicious claims about a relationship that never happened.

Realizing that its argument does not stand on a good legal leg, El Mundo, the Spanish tabloid that ran the story, issued a retraction early in October by admitting the falseness and consequently, the inaccuracy of its report about Irina having a romantic relationship with Sepp Blatter. The newspaper also offered a public apology to Irina for the mess that it has created as a result of the inaccurate report.

Irina Shayk

Irina has decided against suing the publication after its public apology, but she expressed her thoughts about the issue on Twitter on October 9 when she said that she is saddened to see people putting 15 minutes of fame before integrity. She added that she is happy that the truth eventually prevailed and she is happy to put the issue behind her.

Although she is very fashionable and really look sophisticated, Irina Shayk is reportedly a low maintenance girlfriend, contrary to reports that she is a gold digger.

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