HTC One M9 Rumors And Leaks Fill The Holiday News!

HTC is getting ready to release the newest version of the HTC One smartphone and fans are very excited to see the kind of specs that it will be bringing along with it. The rumored HTC One M9 has been tossed around like a hot potato on the internet, but for the most part, specs and overall hardware is just about known. A few years ago, it was not easy to find any news about the latest smartphone, but now there are so many ways to get specs and other information about a phone, companies cannot surprise anyone.

The HTC One M9 is going to have an excellent feature set and if the overall hardware rumors are true, the phone is going to be hard to beat in terms of performance. Every phone that hits the market is at least one click higher in quality and performance than the one that was released barely one year before it. That is the same that is expected with the HTC One M9 taking over the number one reigns from the HTC One M8 that was very successful this year.

HTC One M9 rumors first hit the web back in June of this year and that was only a couple of months after the release of the HTC One M8 model. Since then, there have been leaked images and videos that show the interface released and talked about each month getting the consumer buzz louder and more excited about the new phone. Some of the rumors that are starting to get repeated include the fact that the phone could come with an octa-core processor, 20+MP camera on the backside with an awesome 5MP front shooter, 3GB of RAM, which would be a first and a crystal clear, 5-inch touch screen display.

Many thought the codename for the new HTC One M9 was “Hima”, but news that was reported over the holidays is suggesting that “Hima” might be a completely different model from HTC. The rumors are suggesting that it will have a release date in March of next year, which was the same for the HTC One M8, but reports are starting to get a little confusing.

HTC One M9

Are consumers going to see two new smartphones, or are the rumors referring to the HTC One M9 only? Until HTC comes forward to confirm all of the things that sources have been reporting, it will be a toss up. Images that were leaked over the last few months did show, however, that the phone could arrive in Gold, Gray, Silver and Gunmetal Gold colors to choose from.

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