‘House of Cards’ Season 5 to Bring Women More Power Through Claire’s Presidency?

Reports are rife that Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood will be the United States’ next President in the fifth season of the American political drama TV series “House of Cards.”

As per the Christian Daily, the upcoming season of the political thriller will see Claire winning the election against her husband despite her supposed contentment as the Vice President of the country.

The website adds that Mrs. Underwood will probably apply the strategies and tactics her husband used to gain a political victory.

It was earlier reported that the upcoming season will focus on women empowerment and seeing Claire take on the presidential seat sure sounds as empowering the women.

Rumors of Claire being the next President started when the last scene of the fourth season showed the First Lady breaking the fourth wall for the first time. Fans have since believed that Claire will have an even bigger part in the upcoming season.

Romper reports that Frank and Claire will go head to head in the next election for the presidency and Claire will win via landslide.

It will be very interesting to see how Claire will manage herself as the President let alone the first female leader of her country.

Other rumors surfacing hints at the death of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood. Reddit users note that the original British series ended with Frank’s demise. Hence, the US adaptation will follow Frank’s fate.

In Season 4, the President was shot by Sebastian Arcelus’ Luca Goodwin that necessitated for him a liver transplant. All throughout the season, it was implied that there are still complications in Frank’s body as he is seen in pain from time to time due to his transplant.

There are also speculations that Frank will be impeached or will resign due to his failing health thus Claire will gain the presidency.

As for the relationship of the two, Season 4 has shown fans how weak Frank is without Claire and how strong Claire can be with or without a husband.

She eventually decided to return to Frank and keep their problems aside. With Claire’s decision, things started going the right way for the Underwoods, even leading her to be the Vice President.

Design & Trend reports that the upcoming season will bring the power couple back again and this time, they will be stronger than ever.

Other theories swirling around is that Frank’s loyal Chief of Staff Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly, is going to die in order to save him.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kelly dishes that Doug will gladly receive a bullet for Underwood. The 46-year-old actor dishes that Stamper would do anything for Frank and that was already proven with Rachel and what he did with the donor.

Rumors of Kelly’s Stamper being killed off the show has been swirling before the fourth season, but still, Frank’s loyal confidant was alive and well.

Netflix renewed “House of Cards” for another season last January, two months before the fourth season aired. The streaming service has yet to announce the air date for the fifth season, but if it will follow its pattern, then the upcoming season will premiere sometime in March 2017 with 13 episodes just like the previous seasons.

Meanwhile, rumors are rife that Season 5 will be the last for “House of Cards.” The Ecumenical News reports that the departure of series creator Beau Willimon is said to be the main reason.

House Of Cards Season 4

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Willimon said that he is grateful to be part of the show but it’s time that he focus on other projects.

Frank Pugliese and Mellisa James Gibson, who have both joined the show during its third season, have replaced Willimon as executive producers.

Kevin Spacey himself has stated that Willimon’s exit will not affect the show thus giving fans hope that the Netflix hit could last more seasons.

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