House of Cards Season 5 Plotline Could Have Been Shifted in Light of the Presidential Victory of Donald Trump, New Rumors Say

Over the past couple of months, the rumors were quite consistent in saying that the upcoming Season 5 of the American political drama TV series “House of Cards” to air on Netflix early next year shall focus on the rumored rise to the presidency of Vice President Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.

It seems like the new showrunner would like to mirror the events of real-life American politics at that time and they appeared to have put their bet on Hillary Clinton in winning the US presidency.

Apparently, just like many Americans and folks the world over, they guessed wrong because Donald Trump won the US presidency during the elections held on November 8.

As a result, there are rumors now going around saying that the showrunners of “House of Cards” might shift its plotline to be able to align it to the current political situation in the US, which means that Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, will stay in power and he will plot to exterminate the threat to his position posed by the Vice President and his wife.

Working her way to the presidency

Symbolically, Frank could be Donald Trump while Claire could be Hillary Clinton which means Frank would be on the offensive instead of the previous rumors where he shall reportedly be at the mercy of Claire.

It has been reported that Claire would work her way to the presidency by virtue of ascension by either having Frank killed by his loyal ally in Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly, or simply wait until Frank’s health fails him, notes the University Herald.

Accordingly, Claire would use the love interest of Doug Stamper to be able to control him and turn him against Frank.

But actor Michael Kelly said that Frank is a massive part of Doug’s life in so many ways. They have trusted each other to the ends of the earth. He explained that Frank and Doug are the only two people that each of them could count on. He said that as much as Frank would never turn on Doug, Doug would never turn on Frank. That is where Doug belongs.

It can be recalled that back in Season 4, Frank was already having some issues with his health and there have been rumors that it could eventually lead to his demise in the upcoming fifth season of “House of Cards.”

New characters joining the fray

There have been reports of late that at least two actors are coming in to beef up the storylines of Season 5 of “House of Cards.”

It has been revealed recently that Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott have been confirmed to become the new members of the cast of the upcoming fifth season of “House of Cards.”

The 56-year old Clarkson have an outstanding track record in many drama series throughout her career. Two of her bests are her guest role in HBO’s “Six Feet Under” and as Greta in “High Art.”

The actor and voice artist Campbell Scott is perhaps best remembered as Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz in the drama series “Royal Pains.” And also as the exceptional scientist father of Peter Parker in “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield.


The followers of the two stars will definitely be bringing a lot of fans to the show that will surely hike the viewership of the show, details Game & Guide.

There are also reports saying that both actors will be in the show beyond Season 5 which seems to hint that “House of Cards” shall go beyond a fifth season, contrary to speculations saying that the upcoming Season 5 could be the last for the TV series consistent with its UK counterpart show that ended after five seasons.

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