Homeland Season 7: New Cast Members After Rupert Uproar

Fox thriller-action series, Homeland adds two actors to the cast for the upcoming Season 7. Claire Danes who plays Carrie Mathison will be accompanied with Morgan Spector from Boardwalk Empire and Person of Interest and Mackenzie Astin from The Facts of Life and recently on Scandal and The Magicians.

Warning, there are spoilers in this article.

Carrie had a rough time in the last season but hopefully, the two new add-ons in the series will help her find her way back. Season 6 ended with President Keane’s attempted assassination and shut Carrie out by being too paranoid feeling that she can no longer trust anyone close to her.

Morgan Spector will play as Dante Allen in the upcoming new season and will be a series regular. Allen is an old friend of Carrie who investigates and looks into the hordes of people that President Keane has detained after the last seasons’ assassination attempt.

On the other hand, recurring as a guest star in the next season, Mackenzie Astin will play Bill as Carrie’s brother-in-law. He quit his teaching job in the university to work for President Keane’s administration. Being relatives and all, maybe he’ll be helping Carrie reunite with President Keane’s good graces.

Just recently reported, Dylan Baker will also join the series as Senator Sam Paley, a Southwest politician who leads an assertive and aggressive investigation into the Keane administration. It is not yet confirmed if Baker will play with or against President Keane but investigating a president could certainly mean he’s up looking for skeletons in the closet of President Keane and her administration.

In addition to the new cast, President Elizabeth Keane played by Elizabeth Marvel is of course expected to return along with Linus Roache who plays David Wellington, Keane’s right-hand man. He has been promoted to series regular together with actors Jake Weber and Maury Sterling. Given Dar’s incarceration from the last season, it is still not confirmed if F. Murray will be back on the next season.

These actors have been placed in an attempt to fill the void of Rupert Friend. The killing of the beloved Rupert Friend had certainly outraged most of Homeland fans leading to an uproar in the social media and posting with hashtags, #NotOurHomeland.

The Emmy award thriller series is about a CIA Agent Carrie Mathison thinking a former marine sergeant from prison has turned and became part of the Al Qaeda group and is connected to a terror plot to be carried out on America. It eventually engaged them to a dangerous chasing game that puts America’s national security at risk.

Later on, Carrie gets promoted and was assigned to one of the most dangerous stations in the Middle East where she placed herself in the middle of the battle in the war on terror.

Then she became estranged with the CIA and puts herself on exile in Berlin after being disillusioned. She now returns in the states where she works for a foundation aiding Muslims living in America.

Homeland’s Season 7 will premiere on Showtime in the early 2018. They already began filming this September with the scenes shot from New York City to Central Virginia.

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