HALLOWEEN: New DLC for Dead by Daylight coming in August

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Once you come across this kind of warning, a thing or two enters your mind. It could be violent, harsh, cruel or savage. It is Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4 versus 1) thrilling video game where a player takes the role of an unforgiving and brutal Killer and the other four players as Survivors. Escaping the Killer, avoiding being caught and killed is the main object of the Survivors. Death is not an escape. It is the game’s ultimate theme.

A new chapter, titled HALLOWEEN will be released around in August 2017 and will surely make your Halloween more gruesome and frightening.

Dead by Daylight will introduce its gamers to Michael Myers. The name doesn’t sound that creepy, does it? But imagine someone whom you thought you know with a very normal name is a deadbeat killer inside. Or that next door neighbor who seemed so nice but turned out to be a ruthless obsessive killer?

Michael Myers is a familiar face who hides behind a mask. The only humanity left inside him is hidden behind it. He focuses only on one thing. That is killing. He practically enjoys seeing the eyes of his victims lifeless. There is one thing that can soothe him though – more killing. His power is called EVIL WITHIN. When he starts to obsess, it tags the Survivor that changes the chances of survival. Through his obsession he plans, schemes, stalks, and chases his prey.

Evil Within has two phases. In the first phase, the Killer (Michael Myers) has skills that can detect more closely and intensely but is still weak and slow. By tagging and staring obsessively at survivors, it progressively fills a gauge and when full, enters the second phase. In this phase, the Killer loses the increased detection skills but is faster and more powerful.

Three Perks come with the Killer, all revolving around his Obsession.

  • Save the Best for Last – the usual time to wait between the attacks is decreased as long as the obsession is alive
  • Dying Light – once an obsession is killed, it increases its healing and rescuing actions and a penalty for the other Survivors’ to their repair, healing and sabotage speed
  • Play with your Food – every time the Killer teases and taunts the obsession, he will get faster. When the obsession’s escaped, the Killer’s movement speed increases.

The protagonist in this chapter is the Laurie Strode, a part-time babysitter and a student. She lives a simple ordinary life in the suburbs but her strength and resilience are tested in a chase by the Killer.

Same with the Killer, Laurie Strode has some perks too.

  • Sole Survivor – each survivor killed rattles the Killer’s ability to read auras. But with each survivor killed, increases your chances to be the Killer’s obsession until you remain as sole survivor
  • Decisive Strike – can only be used once per match, you stab the killer with whatever is in your hand in the last attempt to escape. When grabbed, there’s a skill-check to automatically escape the Killer’s grasp and stun him
  • Object of Obsession – a supernatural bond with the killer. If you are looking at the direction of the killer, the link will reveal your auras to each other. This however increases your chances to be found by the Killer.

Halloween DLC

Included in the new chapter with the characters is a new map, The Haddonfield. It is a new arena that resembles a suburb with structural designs. It used to be a calm and serene place until Michael Myers. No more midnight strolls with your friends or dog. Instead there’s a new place that formed after eventful killings and destructions.

So far, there are 10 available Downloadable Content (DLC) for Dead by Daylight. Chapters are called for the add-ons for larger DLCs while Paragraphs are the term used for smaller DLCs. The latest yet is set to be released this August 2017.

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