Half-Life 3 on VR Takes Time to Develop and is Not the Direction of Valve Corporation, Says Company Representative!

When rumors started swirling that the first-person shooter video game “Half-Life 3” would come out on the gaming consoles and the PC already with virtual reality (VR) support, both fans and gamers were divided on the matter.

After a leaked VR code that went viral hinted that “Half-Life 3 VR” is on development, it created an opinion split as half of the faithful gamers demand a no-VR support for the game, while the other half is given a false hope, reports the University Herald.

However, it seems that Valve Corporation is not planning to incorporate VR support on “Half-Life 3” as Chet Faliszek, a representative of the game development company, recently stated there will be no “Half-Life 3” on VR because the development of such takes time.

Without Faliszek saying it, he actually hinted that Valve Corporation wants the game to come out very soon rather than later, which means that the game may already be in development at this time.

Valve can actually finish the game development of “Half-Life 3” earlier if it would not have any VR support. If it includes VR support, it would push back the completion of the game by a number of years.

The greatest mystery in PC gaming

Some critics regard “Half-Life 3” as the greatest mystery in PC gaming. It is more intriguing than the actual magic that makes a gamer’s GPU and is considered more elusive than a good movie tie-in game.

Although the consensus in the rumor mills about the release date of “Half-Life 3” is in 2018, everything is just a pipe dream at this point.

The year 2018 is a good release year for “Half-Life 3” since it will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of the first “Half-Life” game. It would certainly be an ideal and historical window to release a long-awaited sequel.

But by that same logic, 2028 would be an equally suitable date. So the question still remains as to when is the better time to celebrate Gordon Freeman’s accomplishment through a third “Half-Life” game, details PC Games N.

It also does not help the speculations when during a past interview, Valve CEO Gabe Newell was quoted as saying that the only reason they would go back and do like a super classic kind of product, referring to the “Half-Life” franchise, is if a whole bunch of people just internally at Valve said they wanted to do it and had a reasonable explanation why they want to do it.

Adding a proper motivation

Valve Corporation has yet to say anything official about the development of “Half-Life 3” but the recent The Steam Awards seems to have heightened the demand and also added a proper motivation to the game’s realization.

The game development company’s very own The Steam Awards has actually given an all-new dimension to gaming awards, unlike anything that gamers and critics have ever seen.

Its open-ended nature with no nomination restrictions has provided freedom of choice that had thousands of PC gamers talking to share their selections or rally behind to support a game or an idea.

Valve has promised to feature the most popular write-ins, encouraging creativity and collaboration. Naturally, gamers are using it as an opportunity to show off their sense of humor and in some cases, make a statement.

The development of “Half-Life 3” was alluded directly when several users selected “Half-Life 2: Episode 2” and giving it an award of “Game that Deserves a Sequel.”

Half-Life 3

“Half-Life” fans rallied behind the idea so that when The Steam Awards drew to a close, the widespread desire for “Half-Life 3” was featured prominently on the Steam Store. Valve has no other choice but to take the request seriously because the gamers called for it.

People using The Steam Awards actually turned it into an instrument to tell Valve that everyone wants “Half-Life 3” and that the game development company should start working on it and fast.

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