‘GTA 6’ to Have America’s Finest City of San Diego for a Setting, Latest Leaked Gameplay Map Reveals!

American game developer Rockstar Games has yet to make an official announcement regarding the development, possible game setting, characters, storylines, and release date for “Grand Theft Auto 6” but the internet has never been remiss with reports about the game on a daily basis.

In fact, “GTA 6” has been the subject of speculations just months after its predecessor game, “GTA 5” came out to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the PC late in 2013.

The way the game has been getting reports, information, rumors, and speculations online only indicate that “GTA 6” is a highly-anticipated game just like its predecessor which is on course to becoming the most successful game of the franchise to date.

There have also been plenty of speculations regarding the setting or location of “GTA 6.” The most common report is that it shall have a gameplay map that combines all the settings of the first five games in the series.

Then came reports saying that the game should have a Japan setting. There was also a London location thrown into the mix, and finally, there is the whole of the US.

A new leak of gameplay setting

Of late, the map of San Diego in California has reportedly been leaked online and fans, gamers, and critics have since been feasting on it.

Accordingly, America’s finest city, which is a reference to San Diego, shall become the gameplay setting for “GTA 6,” notes Game & Guide.

One website of GTA 5 users said that San Diego is a promising new home for the hit Rockstar Games franchise. The place apparently has biotech companies, military and defense activities, tourism and geography, and a crossing to Mexico via Tijuana, which is a big exit for the players of “GTA 6.”

“GTA 6” could offer plenty of gameplay possibilities with the coastal city of San Diego which also boasts of wildlife preserves to contrast with a larger commercial district and it would also come out quite unique too.”

The gameplay setting of “GTA 5” was not just a single city but an entire state with one major city and tons of small towns within the state. So it would really be surprising if “GTA 6” simply have one city for its location instead of a state or the entire US for its gameplay setting as mentioned in the rumor mills, reports Gotta Be Mobile.

Various cities of the US has been made as setting for previous “GTA” games including Vice City to represent Miami, Liberty City to represent New York, San Andreas to represent Los Angeles, San Fierro to represent San Francisco, Las Venturas to represent Las Vegas, and a few more.

However, all these remain as speculations and all information should be taken with a pinch of salt until such time that Rockstar Games makes the official announcement about “GTA 6.”

More gameplay setting rumors

Until April this year, the rumors about “GTA 6” are saying that the game would have the entire US for its gameplay map.

However, subsequent rumors seem to suggest that it is not going to be the case as there were even speculations that the game could be set in London or in Tokyo, Japan.

The rumors about Tokyo being the new location for “GTA 6” came out based on key information made available recently.

Accordingly, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher and distributor of Rockstar video games has made a trademark filing for “GTA: Tokyo” recently. It’s really nothing surprising since the game publisher also filed for trademarks for “GTA: Bogota” and “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” in the past.

gta 6

Personnel of Rockstar Games reportedly traveled and made an ocular of Tokyo not too long ago, which means that it is possible that they were carrying out reference trips so they can take pictures, meet locals, and get a feel of the area that they are going to transform into a digital version for “GTA 6.”

There were also reports saying that the upcoming sixth installment of the successful video game franchise could actually take place in San Fierro or Las Venturas or both in order to complete the San Andreas territories not found in “GTA 5.”

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