GTA 6 Rumors about London Setting Are Getting Stronger, Game Possibly Coming in 2018

“GTA 5” has so far been enjoying tremendous success, and nobody expected any less from the sequel to one of the most iconic franchises in gaming. Even though Rockstar made a few mistakes in the initial launch and delayed some of the game’s features too much, in the end it turned out quite good and everyone was pleased. From its gameplay to its theme and presentation, it’s definitely a solid title – which is why it’s pretty obvious that Rockstar are going to continue the franchise with another installment.

It’s only a matter of time – although with Rockstar, that might be a while – and according to some recent rumors, the studio is already in the early planning stages for another “GTA” title. So far, they are apparently stuck trying to decide where the game should be set, with various ideas being thrown around.

One of the most likely choices at this point is London, if the latest rumors are to be trusted – this will be the first “GTA” game to be set in a real-world location in a while, and it could definitely make things interesting. We’ve actually already had a London-themed “GTA” game among the very first installments in the franchise, and this could be a curious tie-in with the game’s past.

The protagonist of the new game is also under a big question mark right now, as Rockstar want to do something original but aren’t sure what. There is the possibility that we’ll see another “GTA” game with multiple protagonists, continuing the trend set by “GTA 5”. There are also rumors that the game might feature a female character in the lead for the first time in the franchise, but we don’t know if these two rumors are mutually exclusive or not.

There have reportedly been statements by Rockstar before, in which people from the studio explained how the game is seen as a primarily American-themed title, with its setting, language and characters, but it’s by no means limited to the United States and the developers are always open to the possibility of setting it somewhere else. Everything is on the table at this point, apparently, and the team is just trying to figure out which location is going to work best with the kind of gameplay they want to have in “GTA 6”.


And on that note, we don’t really know how the new game will play. There are some rumors that Rockstar are going to make it more realistic, but that may not be a good thing for the franchise, as “GTA” has always been about wacky fun and over the top scenarios with strange characters.

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