‘GTA 6’ Possible 2018 Release Date Will Make it Faster than Rockstar’s Usual Game Development Routine!

The open-world action adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5” was officially released in September 2013. It actually took Rockstar Games five years and a half from the time the “GTA 4” was released in April 2008 before “GTA 5” came out.

Reports now have it that the sixth installment to the “GTA” franchise will come out sometime in 2018. If that happens, it would have only taken the game developer only five years to develop the next iteration of its most successful video game franchise ever. It means that Rockstar would have only taken five years and three months at the most to do it, on the assumption that “GTA 6” will be released to video game shelves in December 2018.

While the difference of three to six months may not mean much in game development, but since the reputable Rockstar Games is involved, a period of three to six months means a lot.

Rockstar is also famous for pushing back releases of its video games or the updates to its video games. With that being said, the 2018 release date for “GTA 6” may just be speculation at the moment but it would really be atypical for Rockstar Games to come up with a game quite early based on its own routine, notes the Parent Herald.

Female lead on ‘GTA 6’ makes the round again

Meanwhile, reports about “GTA 6” having a female lead character started heating up again on the internet with the recent interview of Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games.

But as usual, the latest reports about the female character for “GTA 6” remains consistent that it shall be played, or its voice that is, by Eva Mendes. In addition, her long-time partner Ryan Gosling shall also have a voice acting part in the upcoming “GTA 6,” details Crossmap.

Early this year, Houser was also quoted as saying that they were indeed planning to incorporate a female lead character in the next iteration of the “GTA” franchise but they have not found the right game for it yet.

Houser, however, assured gamers that the game development company always thinks about incorporating a female lead character into the game.

Incorporating natural disasters

The rumors and speculations about “GTA 6” keep on piling almost on a daily basis on the internet that no one is actually sure which one or ones would actually make it to the game when it finally comes out of the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC a few years down the road.

Game developer Rockstar Games has yet to come out to confirm or deny practically all types of rumors about “GTA 6,” the most pronounced of which is about the game finally having a female protagonist and that its gameplay map shall feature the entire map of the United States.

There were even reports that the upcoming sixth installment of the very popular “GTA” franchise will also feature teleportation so as to address the downtime that players would possibly make in moving from one place to another.

In addition, speculations also started swirling a few weeks ago that the game developer is eyeing to make “GTA 6” very much like the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “World of Warcraft” by offering online subscription.

However, since Rockstar has yet to come out with an official announcement or statement to either confirm or deny all the speculations, everything should be taken with a fine grain of salt.

gta 6

Latest reports or rumors now indicate that there is a possibility that the game developer is eyeing to include natural disasters in the gameplay of “GTA 6.” Such natural disasters include tsunamis, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons.

Accordingly, the inclusion of natural disasters would make players feel the world as more alive compared to the previous iterations of the “GTA” games.

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