‘GTA 6’ Latest Rumors State that the Game Could Have Tokyo, Japan as Setting!

It has been reported since early last year that the gameplay map of the open world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto 6” from Rockstar Games shall be the entire US, based on the premise that all maps in the previous games in the series will be integrated into one big map in the upcoming game.

But the New York City-based game developer did not bother coming out with a statement or announcement to either confirm or deny those reports.

Thus, it somehow did not come as a surprise when occasional rumors suggest that “GTA 6” would have a setting outside of the US. There were previous rumors saying that the game could be set in London.

However, latest rumors are now saying that the game could actually have Tokyo in Japan as a likely setting for “GTA 6,” reports Neurogadget.

The outlet actually justified the latest round of rumors on the possible setting of the game based on key information.

New location is good for the game

Accordingly, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher and distributor of Rockstar video games has made a trademark filing for “GTA: Tokyo” recently. It’s really nothing surprising since the game publisher also filed for trademarks for “GTA: Bogota” and “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” in the past.

Personnel of Rockstar Games actually traveled and made an ocular of Tokyo not too long ago, which means that it is possible that they were carrying out reference trips so they can take pictures, meet locals, and get a feel of the area that they are going to transform into a digital version.

After five installments of the video game franchise that had the maps depicting American cities including Liberty City for New York, Vice City for Miami, and San Andreas for California, it is about time for Rockstar to come up with something new, map-wise that is.

By new, it means that it needs to be something better than using the old maps and putting them together as one big gameplay map. So a change of environment is in order and having Tokyo for the game setting could actually work wonders for the game.

However, changing the gameplay map entirely would be a big challenge for Rockstar Games. But since the game is not expected to come out until 2018 or 2020, the game developer has more than enough time to finally turn such vision into a reality.

Coming out along with the next-generation gaming consoles?

Rockstar Games has also not said anything official about the specific release date for “GTA 6,” but according to N4BB, the game might actually come out alongside the next-generation gaming consoles – the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two.

According to the report, the Xbox Two and the PlayStation 5 shall come out in the retail markets anytime from 2018 to 2020 which happens to be the projected release timeline for “GTA 6.”

However, since Rockstar would not bother commenting on the rumors, these remain as speculation and fans and gamers of “GTA 6” really have no choice but to wait. But they should be contented with the fact that the game development company is reportedly working on the game already.

There are also rumors saying that “GTA 6” might feature the possible appearance of world-renowned terrorist, the late Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, the subversive international personality shall be included in the game’s Bonus International Missions.

gta 6

Apparently, the gamers will be going up against some of the world’s most renowned and dreaded terrorists in the gameplay mode and they shall also be able to confront Bin Laden, no less.

That surely had fans and gamers of the “GTA” video game franchise excited about the coming of the “GTA 6.” However, since Rockstar Games has not confirmed it yet, everything remains as speculation at this point.

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