‘GTA 6’ Developer Has Already Considered Having an Entire US State as Gameplay Map!

There were previous reports that game developer Rockstar Games was looking at having the entire US as the gameplay location for the sixth installment of its open-world action adventure “Grand Theft Auto” franchise.

While Rockstar most certainly can do such, logic dictates that the game developer would not pursue it because aside from being too laborious, there will be plenty of issues among gamers, especially when they move from one state to the next, either by road trip or plane.

However, what is more palatable as far as game development is concerned is having an entire US state, not an entire country, as the location for “GTA 6.”

Moviepilot believes that Rockstar Games has already considered having an entire US state as its gameplay map and it seems that it is leaning towards such direction for “GTA 6.”

Dan Houser head writers of Rockstar Games already made a statement about it during the release of “GTA 5” back in 2013. He was asked by some fans and gamers then if he sees the “GTA” franchise moving to London or another international city.

Houser said back then that “GTA” is America because it has the lifestyle, humor and the culture all geared towards the American dream and the reality of living in the country.

Thus, it is most likely that having an entire US state for its gameplay map is something that the New York City-based developer have already thought about or considered.

Fair share of representation

It could be recalled that several states of the US had their fair share of representations in the “GTA” games including New York which had its resemblance in both “GTA 3” and “GTA 4.”

Florida, for instance, shows some major semblance with Vice City while the states of California and Nevada are often alluded to as San Andreas in the “GTA V”

It is possible that Rockstar Games is now considering several US state for possible development as its gameplay map for “GTA 6” and among those in the contenders list are Washington DC, Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana.

For sure, the Hawaii contender will be a good pick among gamers as they would really like to see the American state even if is through a mobile video game.


Meanwhile, while the “GTA 6” location has yet to be finalized, the game is already being pitted with the upcoming release of the “Read Dead Redemption 2” developed by Take Two Interactive early next year, notes Latino Post.

According to a report, the development of “Red Dead Redemption 2” got inadvertently leaked when Rockstar posted a job listing, looking for a networking programmer specializing in a wide arrange of gameplay mechanics.

When it was introduced in the market early last year, the game is believed to have upgraded multiplayer features and a gang mode, where players choose if they want to be part of a gang or the police team.

Another interesting rumor about “GTA 6” is its setting which according to latest reports would incorporate the maps of the entire US for its gameplay.

The same speculation got some kind of teeth when Rockstar president Leslie Benzies said in a recent interview that at some point in the “GTA” franchise, they would really like to have one big world containing all the US cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas.

gta 6

Having the entire US for the gameplay map of “GTA 6” would really bring a lot of issues to the game, according to some game experts because driving from one city or state to another could be a real drag or chore to gamers, because if the drive will be filled with countryside, they will have nothing much to do in between.

Although Benzies did mention that players can fly between US cities, which means that traveling can also be done by air and not just through the tedious road trip.

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  1. What about having gta 6 as a real life reality?? Have kids, have to find a job where they call you in for a interview, when you get pulled over you gets tickets or if the cops thinks your suspicious they will search your vehicle with a K-9 & you get arrested & have to play your time in prison or jail ( mandatory)! Right?? Pretty damn awesome!!! Right??

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