‘GTA 6’ Announcement May Be Made by Rockstar Games at the Upcoming E3 2016!

While most of the reports have been fairly consistent that Rockstar Games will bring out a major game at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in less than three weeks time, most of the bets are on the open world Western action-adventure video game “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

In fact, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, has been brandishing that its entertainment conglomerate will make a big splash at the E3 2016 and the speculations are rife that they could only do it if they are going to unveil “Red Dead Redemption 2” or “GTA 6.”

Since “GTA 6” is still long ways off, then “Red Dead Redemption 2” is most likely the one to take the E3 2016 center stage by storm.

There are now rumors going around that while Rockstar Games may officially unveil “Red Dead Redemption 2,” it is also possible that the New York City-based game developer will also make an announcement regarding updates on the development of “GTA 6” during the event, details the Christian Today.

However, since Rockstar Games has yet to confirm the report, that remains as speculation and will only be known during the upcoming E3 2016.

According to reports, Rockstar may actually start full-fledged and dedicated development work on “GTA 6” this year as the game developer shall be able to free its schedule a bit once it unveils the “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Fairly consistent with the game’s release date

The reports and rumors about the release date of “GTA 6” have been fairly consistent all over the internet – it is going to come out in 2018 at the earliest and 2020 at the latest.

The 2018 release date seems very plausible since Rockstar Games has been releasing updates to the very popular franchise every five years beginning with “GTA 4,” released in 2008.

But prior to “GTA 4,” the “GTA 3” was actually released in 2001 which means that it took Rockstar seven years in between the development of the games in the series, notes the Vine Report.

However, there has been no month mentioned on either the 2018 or 2020 release date but based on the previous releases, it is likely to happen in September or October so that the game could capitalize on buyer spending during the holidays.

Tokyo as a possible game setting

It has been reported since early last year that the gameplay map of the open world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto 6” from Rockstar Games shall be the entire US, based on the premise that all maps in the previous games in the series will be integrated as one in the upcoming game.

But the New York City-based game developer did not bother coming out with a statement or announcement to either confirm or deny those reports.

Thus, it somehow did not come as a surprise when occasional rumors suggest that “GTA 6” would have a setting outside of the US. There were previous rumors saying that the game could be set in London.

However, latest rumors are now saying that the game could actually have Tokyo in Japan as a likely setting for “GTA 6.”

The outlet actually justified the latest round of rumors on the possible setting of the game based on key information.

gta 6

Accordingly, Take-Two Interactive, the publisher, developer, and distributor of Rockstar video games has made a trademark filing for “GTA: Tokyo” recently. It’s really nothing surprising since the game publisher also did file for trademarks for “GTA: Bogota” and “Grand Theft Auto: Sin City” in the past.

Personnel of Rockstar Games actually traveled and made an ocular of Tokyo not too long ago, which means that it is possible that they were carrying out reference trips so they can take pictures, meet locals, and get a feel of the area that they are going to transform into a digital version.

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